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Kuwait Airways was only founded in 1953 as a joint operation with the government of the small Middle East country. At the time most of the British Empire, of which Kuwait was a part, was served by British Overseas Airways Corporation (BOAC). However, the new airline forged a market for itself by serving regional cities such as Damascus, Beirut and Jerusalem.

Early aircraft included de Havilland Doves, Douglas DC-3s and Vickers Viscounts. Later, Hawker Siddeley Tridents, Boeing 707s, 727s, 737s and Douglas DC-6s were used.

More recently the airline has retired its Boeing 747s, and is in the process of retiring its Airbus A300s and A310s. A number of its aircraft are operated for the Government of Kuwait on official duties.

The airline has entered a period of modernisation, introducing a new fleet of Boeing 777-300s to coincide with a new livery. Kuwait City airport is also investing in future redevelopment.

Kuwait Airways serves many destinations around the Middle East, Europe and Asia, with long-haul routes to New York and Manila.

By Mark Harkin (9K-AOH Boeing 777 Kuwait) [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Kuwait Airways website:

Hubs: Kuwait City 


Kuwait Airways Fleet

Airbus A300C4-600

  • 9K-AHI (Government Aircraft)


Airbus A320

  • 9K-AKA
  • 9K-AKB
  • 9K-AKC
  • 9K-AKD
  • 9K-AKE
  • 9K-AKF
  • 9K-AKG
  • 9K-AKH
  • 9K-AKI
  • 9K-AKJ
  • 9K-AKK


Airbus A320neo

15 on order, due from 2019


Kuwait Airways A330

Airbus A330-200

  • 9K-APA
  • 9K-APB
  • 9K-APC
  • 9K-APD
  • 9K-APE


Airbus A340-300

  • 9K-ANC (for retirement 2017)
  • 9K-AND (for retirement 2017)


Boeing 737-900(BBJ3)

  • 9K-GCC (Government Aircraft)


Boeing 747-400

  • 9K-ADE (Government Aircraft)


Kuwait Airways 777


Boeing 777-200ER

  • 9K-AOA (for retirement 2017)
  • 9K-AOB (for retirement 2017)


kuwait 777

Boeing 777-300ER

  • 9K-AOC
  • 9K-AOD
  • 9K-AOE
  • 9K-AOF
  • 9K-AOH
  • 9K-AOI
  • 9K-AOJ
  • 9K-AOK
  • 9K-AOL

+1 on order


Airbus A350-900

10 on order, due 2019




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