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Virgin Atlantic Airways was founded by Richard Branson in 1984 to challenge the monopoly on transatlantic flights held by airlines such as British Airways and British Caledonian Airways. 

It wasn’t expected to last, but more than 30 years later it is one of Britain’s largest and most successful airlines.

It operated initially with classic Boeing 747-200s, adding -400s and Airbus A340-300s and -600s later.

Virgin is going through a fleet renewal, removing Airbus A340s and Boeing 747s and adding A330s and 787s. It is also expanding out of London, adding new routes from Manchester.


Briefly dabbling in short-haul scheduled services as Virgin Little Red, the airline has returned to solely long-haul destinations.

Virgin has a strong presence around the globe, flying to cities in North America and the Far East. It’s aircraft all feature registrations in the G-Vxxx range.


Hubs: London Gatwick, London Heathrow, Manchester


Virgin Atlantic Fleet

Airbus A330-300

  • G-VGBR
  • G-VGEM
  • G-VINE
  • G-VKSS
  • G-VLUV
  • G-VNYC
  • G-VRAY
  • G-VSXY
  • G-VUFO
  • G-VWAG


Airbus A340-600

Virgin A340-600

  • G-VBUG
  • G-VFIT
  • G-VFIZ
  • G-VRED
  • G-VWEB
  • G-VWIN
  • G-VYOU

To be retired 2019


Boeing 747-400

  • G-VAST
  • G-VBIG
  • G-VGAL
  • G-VLIP
  • G-VROM
  • G-VROS
  • G-VROY
  • G-VXLG

To be retired 2019


Boeing 787-9

Virgin 787-9

  • G-VAHH
  • G-VBEL
  • G-VBOW
  • G-VBZZ
  • G-VCRU
  • G-VDIA
  • G-VFAN
  • G-VMAP
  • G-VNEW
  • G-VNYL
  • G-VOOH
  • G-VOWS
  • G-VSPY
  • G-VWHO
  • G-VYUM
  • G-VZIG

+1 on order


Future Fleet

With the retirement of the Airbus A340-600 and Boeing 747-400 fleets during 2019, Virgin Atlantic is due to take delivery of the Airbus A350-1000 the same year. There are 12 on order.

Virgin has also had a fleet of six Airbus A380s on order, which have been repeatedly deferred and no firm delivery date is known at present.



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