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Airport Spotting Hotels Book – New Product Available!

by Matt Falcus
Airport Spotting Hotels

Since late last year we’ve been working on putting together a definitive resource for spotters to choose the best spotting hotels when visiting airports around the world.

It is a great addition to any spotting trip – or even just a holiday or business trip – when you have a room with a view of the action at the destination airport.

Whilst there are a number of hotels around the world that are well known as great places to stay for spotting aircraft, I found that there are many more which have not really been reported on and have slipped under the radar of spotters.

Airport Spotting Hotels has all of these hotels listed, famous or not. In fact there are over 270 spotting hotels listed, at airports in many different countries.

The aim was to have a reference guide that spotters could check with whenever planning a trip or staying near an airport. In many places there are a number of hotels listed, with descriptions about what each one is good for, so that you can make your mind up where you want to stay.

Airport Spotting Hotels

Clear and concise details to over 270 different spotting hotels

Airport Spotting Hotels includes:

  • Airport listing by country/state
  • Hotels at each airport
  • Contact details, phone number and web address
  • A description of the hotel’s location and what the spotting is like; any known rooms are also listed


It has been a challenge to put all of this information together, so I hope you’ll find it useful. The benefit of this being available as an ebook means it can be updated quite easily when details about any hotels change, or when new hotels are added.

Anyone who buys the book gets free updates for life, so you don’t need to worry about paying for these updates.


Where to Buy

Airport Spotting Hotels is available on Kindle and as a downloadable PDF ebook.

You don’t need a Kindle device to view the Kindle version. If you have a smartphone you can download the Kindle app, depending on whether you use Android or iOS.


PDF Download

You can buy the book as a PDF eBook using the purchase button here.

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