Tassili Airlines launches France routes

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Tassili AirlinesAlgeria’s recently-formed Tassili Airlines has started its first international services, with routes linking Bejaja to St. Etienne, and Jijel to Grenoble.

The airline is planning further international expansion, with routes linking Algeria to Dubai, Morocco, Spain, and Turkey all touted for a start before the end of 2013.

Last Chance to Fly for less than $1!

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Last Chance to Fly EBookOur book, charting the airlines still flying the world’s rarest passenger airliners, has gone on sale for only $0.99 (usually $4.99)!

Last Chance to Fly has been fully updated, and covers aircraft as diverse as the Boeing 707 and Tupolev TU-154. The one thing each aircraft type listed has in common is that you can still fly on them somewhere in the world.

Each chapter of the book deals with a different rare aircraft type, and tells you which airlines still fly it and from where.

So if you’re yearning to make that first trip on a de Havilland Dove, or catch a last ride on an Ilyushin IL-62 before it’s too late, Last Chance to Fly is worth taking a look at!

You can find out more and download the book at this link: www.airportspotting.com/books/chance-fly-rare-passenger-aircraft/

This sale price won’t last, so get your copy today!

5 most popular posts this year

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Here are the 5 most popular posts so far this year on Airport Spotting Blog.

Thanks for your support. What would you like to see more articles about? Leave a comment below.


1. Boeing 777-300 Delivery Flight
In February I got the opportunity to join British Airways in picking up their latest Boeing 777-300, G-STBH, from Seattle. This is the story of that delivery flight, which landed at BAMC in Cardiff.

2. 5 Old Jet Hubs Not to Miss
As old jets become rarer, we look at where you can go to still see the old smokeys in action.

3. Thomson’s 787 Revealed
Thomson Airways revealed its new colour scheme and the routes its Boeing 787s will fly when it becomes the first UK airline to take delivery of the type in early 2013.
4. Paris Charles de Gaulle Loses its Mound
The famous ‘Mound’ spotting area at Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport suddenly disappeared as engineers moved in to develop the site. We looked at alternatives.

5. British Airways 787 and A380 Plans
BA gave an early indication over the routes its new Airbus A380s and Boeing 787s will be seen on. It is due to take delivery of both types from 2013. Naturally it will mean Heathrow becomes even more interesting to visit.

British Airways Boeing 777 delivery week – video

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To kick start the exciting trip I’ll be taking this week to pick up the latest Boeing 777-300 aircraft destined for British Airways from their Seattle factory, here’s a video of one of their aircraft being built. It’s a fascinating insight into just what goes into making one of these beasts!


What’s coming next?
Over the coming days you’ll read about my trip over to Seattle with British Airways, the Museum of Flight in Seattle, the handover ceremony at Everett Paine Field, and the flight home on this brand new Boeing 777-300. Stay tuned!

Keep track of storage airports

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I think a lot of spotters like to know which aircraft are languishing away at different storage airports, as it’s always good to make a trip to catch up on a few of these airframes before the inevitable scrapping takes place. I’m the same, and I’m always looking for up-to-date resources.

So, what’s the point in this? Well I’ve started keeping track of the aircraft stored at various different airports on this site.

For now, I’m particularly paying attention to UK and lesser-known storage airports as they get little coverage compared to those in Arizona and California.

You can find the lists under the Storage Lists tab at the top of the page. So far I’ve included:

Coventry, UK
Kemble, UK
Moscow Domodedovo, Russia
Summerside, Canada

Can you help me keep this up-to-date? Or can you add information for an airport that’s not covered? Please get in touch or comment if so.

Airport Spotting on Airplane Geeks ‘Across the Pond’

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This week I had the privilege of speaking to Pieter Johnson for his ‘Across the Pond’ segment on the popular Airplane Geeks Podcast, on episode 165.

Pieter spoke to me about spotting in Europe, in particular the best places, and pitfalls, and my favourite airports. He also mentioned the new book I have coming out soon – Airport Spotting Guides Europe 2012. This is a complete re-work of 2008’s edition, so is perfect for your spotting travels in Europe! If you listen to the podcast, you can enter a competition to win a copy of the new book (before 1st October)!

We’ll hopefully be following this up with segments about spotting in the USA, and the Far East/Australasia over the next month or so.

Thanks Pieter for this. You can listen to the podcast here: http://www.airplanegeeks.com/2011/09/20/episode-165-sennheiser-knows-noise/ 



Do you like us on Facebook?

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Are any of you on Facebook? Airport Spotting Blog runs a group on there and we’d love to have you join and keep up with regular updates on the site and other interesting things.

We’ll try to use our Facebook group to build a community of spotters and airport fans around the world, so it’ll be fantastic if you could join up!

You can do so by clicking on this link: Airport Spotting on Facebook

Resources for Spotting in Scotland

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Various enthusiasts sites exist for some of the airports in Scotland which can help in planning a trip to any of them, or in simply finding out what’s been happening up there. We have collated this information for some of the airports:

Glasgow Airport
Enthusiasts site for Glasgow Airport, with timetables, SBS list, spotting locations and charts, photos, live arrivals & departures, and logs of recent movements.

Prestwick Airport
Prestwick Airport Movements Site
Similar to the Glasgow enthusiasts site, with movements, photos, spotting information, airfield charts and live flight information.

Edinburgh Airport
A similar site for Edinburgh Airport enthusiasts. Lists frequencies, live flight arrivals & departures, airline information, photos and SBS information.

A forum for discussing Edinburgh Airport and its operations.

Korea’s Yangyang Ghost Airport

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The brand new, modern airport facility at Yangyang in South Korea cost $400m to build. Yet it now has no operators, with the last commercial flight having left in November 2008.

A really interesting video: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/world/asia-pacific/8055957.stm

Spotlight on Aviation Tour Companies

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As a way to combine trips to (sometimes) far-flung places, with like-minded enthusiasts for company, aviation tour companies offer a great outlet for our hobby.

Some of the better known companies operating in the UK are:
Ian Allan Tours
The Aviation Society

The immediate benefits of taking one of these tours, first and foremost, include the potential quality of the aircraft you’ll see. Whilst everyone’s logbooks contain different aircraft, the beauty of aviation tours is that you can pick somewhere that will be beneficial to you.

Another big benefit is that most organisations pre-arrange access to areas that would otherwise be restricted to the enthusiast, such as airside ramp tours at airports, access to private collections and museums, or manufacturers. Having all of this takes a massive headache out of organising trips on your own, and is undoubtedly more beneficial to your logbook and photograph collections.

The biggest arguments many have for not using tours tends to be cost – tours are usually expensive, and the thrifty can usually find cheaper ways to travel by themselves. Although many of the extras wouldn’t be included.

Touching further on this, others cite not wishing to travel with a bunch of unknown people, when they can just as easily travel alone, or with their friends.

Whatever your stance on the matter, the tour companies are already offering more and more elaborate and tempting tours for 2010. Here are some tasters:

Aeroprints have a Round-the-World trip at £2595, and a Japan-Korea trip at £1445 planned.

Ian Allan also have a Round-the-World trip planned at £2839 with different destinations.

The Aviation Society has not announced any 2010 trips yet, but has three main 2009 trips, to Dubai Air Show, Paris Air Show, and China.

What are your thoughts on aviation tours? Have you taken them? What were your experiences?