SunExpress Leipzig Base

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SunExpress B737-800One for the German spotters: SunExpress will base a Boeing 737-800 at Leipzig Halle Airport this summer.

The Turkish airline will operate the aircraft on charter routes to Egypt, the Canary Islands, and Turkey.


5 airports to see a Lockheed L1011 Tristar

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RAF L-1011 TristarThe Lockheed Tristar was one of the most successful widebody airliners of its era, but today barely any can be found operating around the world.

If you’re keen to get a few of these in your logbooks before they’re all turned into beer cans, here are five airports where you can still at least see L-1011 Tristars, even if they’re not carrying passengers around.


Tucson, Az
A L-1011 Tristar was donated to the Flying Hospital. It was turned into a mobile hospital, with beds, operating tables and lots of equipment. For a few years it flew around Africa and the Far East treating patients in developing countries. However, since flights seem to have halted, this aircraft can be found languishing at Tucson Airport. It is P4-MED, c/n 1064.

Victorville, CA
Of all the US storage airports, Victorville in California is THE place to find L-1011 Tristars in significant numbers. The remaining retired fleet of Delta Air Lines (who operated the L-1011 in significant numbers) can be found here – some still complete, whilst others are missing parts or only a short while away from the scrapman. The best way to see them is to hire a light aircraft flight over the airport so that you can get a better view (and pictures) of the Tristars.

London Stansted, UK
For a number of years now, Stansted Airport has had its own stranded L-1011 Tristar. Formerly operated by British Airways, Caledonian, and Classic Airways, G-IOII c/n 1145 is used as an instructional airframe at the airport.

RAF Brize Norton, UK
The Oxfordshire RAF base is a staging post for troop flights and logistics, and flights to the remote Falkland Islands. Although the RAF’s Tristars are not used on public passenger flights any more, they still operate from this base, which is the only airport in the world with regular L1011 flights.

Taba International, Egypt
This remote airport in eastern Egypt. There are a number of Lockheed Tristars in storage here due to the mixed fortunes of a number of carriers who have taken second-hand examples of the type – airline such as Royal Air, Skygate International,and Air Rum.


There are other operators and stored examples of L1011s around the world, but in often less accessible locations. Airports such as Damascus, Tripoli, Islamabad, Kinshasa, and NDjamena.

Have you spotted a Tristar in any other location? Leave a comment below!



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