Delta DC-9s could live on in the Dominican Republic

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PAWA Dominicana DC-9According to CH-Aviation, Delta’s recently retired Douglas DC-9 fleet could return to service with another airline in the near future.

PAWA Dominicana is an airline based in Santo Domingo, Punta Cana. Although it suspended operations in February 2012, it has maintained that it will return to service under its new management later this year.

The airline is reportedly planning to take on 20 of Delta’s DC-9-50 aircraft, which flew their final flight on 6th January, in addition to two ex-Northwest Airlines DC-9-30s and an ex-American Airlines MD-82.

Thomson announce a raft of 787 destinations

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Thomson Airways are to be the first operator of the Boeing 787 Dreamliner in the UK, with their first aircraft due in the Spring.

The airline has announced a raft of destinations that the type will fly to from the Winter season, starting in November 2013. These include a number of long haul destinations, which will be served mainly from their London Gatwick base. However, regional bases at Manchester and Newcastle will also get 787 routes. The full list announced so far is:

London Gatwick – Punta Cana – Starts 1 November 2013
London Gatwick – Male – Starts 3 November 2013
London Gatwick – Mombasa – Starts 4 November 2013
London Gatwick – Phuket – Starts 5 November 2013
London Gatwick – Montego Bay – Starts 7 November 2013
London Gatwick – Puerto Plata – Starts 13 November 2013
London Gatwick – Holguin – Starts 11 December 2013
London Gatwick – Barbados – Starts 15 December 2013
Helsinki – Mombassa – Starts 22 December 2013
Newcastle – Cancun – Starts 1 April 2014
Manchester – Punta Cana – Starts 2 April 2014

For a full list of Boeing 787 routes from the airlines operating the type, head to the Boeing 787 Routes page.

Where can you fly on a Shorts SD360? Last Chance to Fly

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Shorts 360The Shorts SD-360 was a funny-looking commuter plane. Built alongside its twin Shorts SD-330 type, the 360 can be recognised for having a single fin (compared to the twin fins on the 330).

The aircraft was built in Belfast, Northern Ireland, between 1981-1991, and in total there were 164 examples built.

It was used around the world, popular with commuter and regional airlines in the UK and USA in particular. It was certainly a common sight in my youth, but sadly I never got to fly on the ‘Shed’, as it was commonly referred to. And today, it seems you hardly see them anywhere, save for a few cargo examples.

So, how many are still flying passengers, and where can you fly them? Here’s some information which is covered in the new update of Last Chance to Fly – our book on flying rarer passenger aircraft:

Airlines Still Flying Passenger SD-360s

Air Seychelles still operates a single Short 360 on its inter-island route to Praslin Island. They used to have a larger fleet of the aircraft.

Deraya Air Taxi operate two Short 360s from their Jakarta Halim base in Indonesia. These aircraft are used on commuter and air taxi flights.

Tiara Air of Aruba has two Short 360 aircraft in its fleet. These fly on routes around the Caribbean.

SAP – Servicios Aereos Profesionales, is a regional airline based in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. They have one Short 360-100 which is used on Caribbean routes.

Central America
La Costeña is a regional airline based in Managua, Nicaragua. It has one Short 360 in its fleet, which is flown on domestic routes.

Middle East
Ayeet Aviation & Tourism of Israel operate a single Short 360 aircraft on domestic services within Israel.

North America
Pacific Coastal Airlines, based in Vancouver, have two passenger Short 360’s in their fleet. These fly on services within British Columbia from Vancouver to Comox and Campbell River.


Passenger Examples

SH3602 – YN-CGF, La Costena – Managua, Nicaragua
SH3619 – P4-TIA, Tiara Air – Oranjestad, Aruba
SH3620 – C-GPCF, Pacific Coastal Airlines – Vancouver, Canada
SH3621 – P4-TIB, Tiara Air – Oranjestad, Aruba
SH3622 – C-GPCW, Pacific Coastal Airlines – Vancouver, Canada
SH3672 – HI657, SAP Servicios Aereos Profesionales – Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
SH3713 – YV396T, Comeravia – Margarita, Venezuela
SH3724 – S7-PRI, Air Seychelles – Mahe Island, Seychelles
SH3743 – PK-DSS, Deraya Air Taxi – Jakarta Halim, Indonesia
SH3757 – PK-DSH, Deraya Air Taxi – Jakarta Halim, Indonesia
SH3758 – 4X-AVP, Ayeet Aviation & Tourism – Be Er-Sheba, Israel

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