Spotting at Fujairah – A little known spot

Posted by Matt Falcus | Posted in Airport Spotting Guide, Fujairah, Middle East | Posted on 21-09-2009


Fujairah in the United Arab Emirates is slowly becoming more of a jewel than Sharjah in terms of the older and rarer aircraft that can be found both operating and languishing there, particularly old Russian types, and dying breeds such as the Lockheed Tristar.

Whilst Sharjah reintroduces its airside access scheme, Fujairah has always maintained its anti-spotter stance. And even though the hill outside the terminal offers a fantastic view over the ramps and resident aircraft, it is usually not worth the police interrogation that most spotters fear, if not experience.

An alternative spotting location recently came to my attention which offers as good, if not better, opportunities to log what’s on the ground at Fujairah. This is a road which runs the entire length of the runway, and can be reached by turning right on the road just before the airport perimeter when arriving from the mountain road leading into Fujairah. Follow it past the end of the runway, and then along the length of the runway with a fence alongside offering views across.

There are litter bins and laybys which suggest this is regularly used as a viewing area, but as always discretion is encouraged as the road is lined with cameras on poles.