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A New Airport for San Bernardino, CA 0

A New Airport for San Bernardino, CA

As the new airport at San Bernardino, CA nears its official opening, the locals are asking whether it will ever actually attract and airlines. The San Bernardino International Airport is opening on the site...

Cheap Seats at Citi Field, New York 0

Cheap Seats at Citi Field, New York

Jaunted blog recently ran an interesting piece on New York’s Citi Field stadium, where the Mets play their baseball games. Whilst those in the highest seats have usually paid the least for them, and...

Philadelphia Airport Marriot Hotel 0

Philadelphia Airport Marriot Hotel

First of all, apologies for the lack of updates lately. I’ve been off touring South America – airport reports to follow soon! Anyway, here’s a note about the Marriott Hotel at Philadelphia Airport. If...

Spotting at Santa Monica Airport 0

Spotting at Santa Monica Airport

This small airport is located to the north of Los Angeles LAX, and a mile or two inland from the famous pier and seafront in Santa Monica. The airport handles mainly GA and biz...

Las Vegas Runway Reopens 0

Las Vegas Runway Reopens

Las Vegas McCarran’s runway 07R/25L has reopened following resurfacing work. The closure has made spotting quite difficult at the airport as this runway offers the best opportunities along Sunset Road.

Memphis Spotting Guide 3

Memphis Spotting Guide

Derek Oldham has provided this excellent report on spotting at Memphis – a haven for FedEx and Northwest (soon to be Delta) jets. I stayed in the Radisson at the airport. Contrary to what...

Aircraft Storage Yards Booming 1

Aircraft Storage Yards Booming

In this time of global economic downturn, business for the storage boneyards for aircraft in the USA is booming. More and more airlines are parking aircraft, with levels not seen since the year following...

Spotting in the Washington DC Area 1

Spotting in the Washington DC Area

Keishi Nukina recently posted a great overview of the main Washington DC area airports from a spotting perspective, following his recent visit. If you’re planning on heading there, it makes great sense to give...

Orlando Airport Spotting Ban Lifted 0

Orlando Airport Spotting Ban Lifted

The ban on spotting from the parking garage at Orlando MCO airport in Florida has now been lifted by the Director of Security. The airport’s website will soon be updated with such details. They...