5 new cockpit videos from Justplanes

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Justplanes really are the best in the business when it comes to cockpit recordings, with such a wide ranging back catalogue.

JustPlanes thiopian 787

I thought I’d bring you details of a few recent additions to their collection which have caught my attention.

1. Ethiopian Airlines Boeing 787 Dreamliner
Join the world’s most advanced airliner on flights from Addis Ababa to destinations across Africa, Asia and Europe. 8 flights included.

2. Norwegian Boeing 787-800
Fly Norwegian’s 737s on routes across Scandinavia and mainland Europe, including a flight to the most Northerly airport in the world!

3. Air Canada Boeing 767-300
Fly long haul and short haul in Air Canada’s 767s, including a trip to Hawaii, and the famous landing at St. Maarten as seen from the cockpit!

Just Planes SWISS

4. Air France Boeing 777-200ER
Follow the pilots of this state-of-the-art aircraft in a flight from Paris to New York JFK. It covers everything from the moment they arrive at the airport, including planning and pre-flight, to the charts, cockpit instruments, approach, landing and all the outside cockpit views.

5. Swiss Airbus A340-300
Like the Air France 777 example above, this one follows the pilots through every aspect of their flight both on the ground and in the air, as they take an A340 from Zurich to San Francisco. Fascinating documentary and cockpit views.


Best of the Web – Airport Spotting Videos – Bolivia MD-10 low fly-past

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It’s been a few weeks since I posted a video, so it will take something pretty spectacular to make up for that. Well, how about this video of an incredibly low and fast fly-past of a MD-10 freighter at El Trompillo in Bolivia?

Best of the Web – Airports Spotting Videos – British Airways new advert

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A bit of a different video for the ‘Best of the Web’ section this week, but since British Airways have always been good to Airport Spotting Blog and supported what we do, we thought we’d bring you their new TV advert which shows off their smart new Boeing 787-8 aircraft and onboard service. Enjoy your weekend everyone!

Abigail Comber, British Airways head of marketing, said: “Our new TV advert shows the work that goes on behind the scenes, in order to get 100,000 people in the air every day. The research gave us a real appreciation for every single person that makes flying a seamless process. From the tug driver to the ramp agent, from NATS air traffic control to our chefs  – there’s more people than you realise, that get you from A to Z.”

Best of the web – Airport Spotting Videos – Delhi Departures

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Here’s a nice little professional video showing a bunch of aircraft preparing for departure at Delhi International Airport. You’ll see both domestic and international airlines and aircraft and some really nice angles.


Don’t forget our book Mumbai Airports Through Time is a fantastic collection of photographs of aircraft in India from the 1970s to the present day. Makes a great addition to any aviation book collection. More information…

Best of the Web – Airport Spotting Videos – AMC 737 overrun

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I came across this crazy video yesterday of a runway overrun by an AMC Airlines Boeing 737-800 at Thessaloniki Airport in Greece.

All manner of things seem to be wrong with the approach, from being too high and too fast, to not deploying flaps until almost touching down and floating down the runway.

Airport Spotting Videos – Classic Braniff Action

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I just stumbled upon an excellent video of the legendary US airline Braniff. Although a little grainy, the footage shows the airline’s famous ‘Big Orange’ Boeing 747, as well as a few of the carrier’s brightly-coloured Boeing 727-100s and -200s. Enjoy!

Best of the Web – Airport Spotting Videos – FedEx 727 Retirement

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FedEx Express this week retired another one of its Boeing 727-200 freighters by donating it to University of Alaska Anchorage’s Aviation Maintenance Program.

FedEx has done this across the country with a number of its retired fleet, and chose to fly this particular one – N492FE – to Anchorage. But that’s where it gets interesting, as the university’s students didn’t want it at the large Ted Stevens International Airport, but the much smaller Merril Field. In this video, you can watch the aircraft make two low-passes before landing on the short 4,000′ runway in spectacular fashion.

Best of the Web – Airport Spotting Videos – Extreme Fokker 50 Takeoff

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In 2008 I was lucky enough to visit Isafjordur in the remote north of Iceland, whilst on my honeymoon. It’s a spectacular place, and even better for the enthusiast is that its tiny airport is like the old Kai Tak in Hong Kong. Aircraft approaching need to hug the mountain, and then make a tight turn. And on takeoff, it’s an immediate turn to avoid hitting the mountain dead ahead!

I recently found this video showing a Fokker 50 departing Isafjordur and making that turn. Enjoy!

Best of the Web – Airport Spotting Videos – 777 Belly Cam

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Here’s a fascinating video where the camera is strapped to the nosewheel of a Boeing 777F and facing backwards. It shows the aircraft on final approach and landing at Milan Bergamo Airport in Italy.


Best of the Web – Airport Spotting Videos – Shuttle Carrier final takeoff

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It was a sad moment when the NASA Space Shuttle was retired. And now that they’ve all been delivered to their respective museums, I’ve got another sad moment to share – the final takeoff of a Shuttle Carrier Boeing 747 in its current role. Having delivered Endeavor to Los Angeles, here you see N905NA departing the airport for the last time.