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Reviews and guides to various equipment useful to aircraft spotters and aviation enthusiasts, such as binoculars, poles, airband radios, SBS and software.

Airport Industry Review Magazine 0

Airport Industry Review Magazine

Among the readers of this site are many airport workers and professionals, so I wanted to share a resource that you may be interested in for further reading on your industry… Airport Industry Review...

Best Cameras for Aircraft Photography 0

Best Cameras for Aircraft Photography

Perhaps the biggest aspect for any aviation enthusiast is photographing the aircraft they see. In fact, a lot of inspiration can be gained by looking at photographs from other enthusiasts on sites such as...

5 new cockpit videos from Justplanes 0

5 new cockpit videos from Justplanes

Justplanes really are the best in the business when it comes to cockpit recordings, with such a wide ranging back catalogue. I thought I’d bring you details of a few recent additions to their...