Airport Industry Review Magazine

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Airport Industry Review

Among the readers of this site are many airport workers and professionals, so I wanted to share a resource that you may be interested in for further reading on your industry…

Airport Industry Review is a magazine available quarterly which offers in-depth coverage of the airport industry in an exciting, interactive format for iPad and online.

The magazine is brought to you by an experienced and dedicated editorial and design team, and brings together the latest trends, projects and technologies, as well as insiders’ views and analysis of issues affecting airports today.

With content covering the latest terminals, airport architecture, economic effects, safety and dangers, the latest technological developments, global comparisons and much more, it is easy to see why AIR is becoming essential airport industry reading for any key industry decision maker.

You can find out more, read sample content, and subscribe to Airport Industry Review at this link:

Best Cameras for Aircraft Photography

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Perhaps the biggest aspect for any aviation enthusiast is photographing the aircraft they see. In fact, a lot of inspiration can be gained by looking at photographs from other enthusiasts on sites such as and in magazines which can drive you to get out and pursue the hobby more!

In terms of equipment, there’s a lot on offer, from the most basic cameras to ultra expensive SLRs and lenses.

In this post I want to give you ideas of some of the recommended cameras and lenses out there so that you can get the best of your aircraft photography. These recommendations have been suggested by some of the top photographers out there.

For the Trip Reporter
A great compact to take on your spotting trips is the Canon Powershot SX280 HS. This is perfect for the photographer who wants to take shots whilst out and about, aboard aircraft, and at the gate, documenting their travels.
Read more…

Best SLR Body
The Nikon D7100 is a current favourite. It has great ISO and auto focus settings, which are important when you’re following something that’s moving fast and in variable light. It has a healthy 24.1 megapixels, and a decent size screen on the back. Read More…

For Canon lovers, try the 70D. It has slightly fewer megapixels than its Nikon counterpart, but its results are fantastic. Read More…


Best Nikon Lens
One of the highest recommended lenses for Nikon cameras is the 70-200 F2.8 VR. It’s a little pricier, but the quality of glass and image stabilisation is amongst the best available. Read More….

Good Nikon Lens
The Nikkor 70-300mm VR is a mid-price lens which gets great reviews from aviation photographers. It is perfect for those who want good results without paying top money for the best glass. Read More…

Best Canon Lens
The best lens for Canon cameras is the 70-200L IS, which offers superb sharpness and great results. The L range offer the best mechanics, build quality, casing and coating. Read More…

Good Canon Lens
For something less expensive, try the Canon EF 70-200mm f/4.0 L USM lens which offers the same specs but is for the consumer rather than the professional. Read More…


These suggestions are amongst the best equipment you can buy, but there are lots of options out there and everyone has their own preference. Any modern digital SLR and lens will be capable of producing good results if you know how to use it, and most importantly practice your hobby. I’d be interested to know which cameras and lenses you’d recommend. Leave a comment below!

5 new cockpit videos from Justplanes

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Justplanes really are the best in the business when it comes to cockpit recordings, with such a wide ranging back catalogue.

JustPlanes thiopian 787

I thought I’d bring you details of a few recent additions to their collection which have caught my attention.

1. Ethiopian Airlines Boeing 787 Dreamliner
Join the world’s most advanced airliner on flights from Addis Ababa to destinations across Africa, Asia and Europe. 8 flights included.

2. Norwegian Boeing 787-800
Fly Norwegian’s 737s on routes across Scandinavia and mainland Europe, including a flight to the most Northerly airport in the world!

3. Air Canada Boeing 767-300
Fly long haul and short haul in Air Canada’s 767s, including a trip to Hawaii, and the famous landing at St. Maarten as seen from the cockpit!

Just Planes SWISS

4. Air France Boeing 777-200ER
Follow the pilots of this state-of-the-art aircraft in a flight from Paris to New York JFK. It covers everything from the moment they arrive at the airport, including planning and pre-flight, to the charts, cockpit instruments, approach, landing and all the outside cockpit views.

5. Swiss Airbus A340-300
Like the Air France 777 example above, this one follows the pilots through every aspect of their flight both on the ground and in the air, as they take an A340 from Zurich to San Francisco. Fascinating documentary and cockpit views.


10 new aviation books for January

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There are a lot of new aviation books coming out in early 2014, and quite a few new ones that have appeared in the last few months of 2013. We haven’t brought you details of any for a while, so I thought I’d give you details of a few of the best new ones here.

I’ve linked each one to its Amazon page for you to find out more.

1. Commercial Aviation: An Insider’s Story
Packed full of information on the how’s and why’s of commercial aviation, such as: How do airlines work? How do you get a job in aviation? Are aircraft safe? Why did some of the well known crashes happen? What regulations do governments impose on airlines?

2. Air Disasters of the World: From the early days of flight to the Jet Age
Despite aviation being safer than ever, air disasters still occur and continue to fascinate us. In this gripping book, Xavier Waterkeyn explores more than 200 notable air crashes, including bizarre accidents, hijackings and tales of miraculous survival.

Civil Aviation in Northern Ireland

3. Airline: Style at 30,000 Feet
A look at everything about the style of airlines, from flight attendants and their uniforms, to the way cabins are laid out and designed. It shows how airline culture has changed since the 1920s, to the present big jets and corporations.

4. Civil Aviation in Northern Ireland: An Illustrated History
It’s easy to forget the part Northern Ireland has played in aviation, and this book takes a look at that history particularly through civil aviation, with 200 images of the airports, aircraft, people and developments since 1909.

5. Airlines of the USA
America has been a leader in air travel since the earliest days of flight. This book looks at the most important airlines to have come out of the country, from the big names such as Pan Am and TWA, to the cargo carriers, leisure airlines, and low cost pioneers.

6. BAC One-Eleven, The Whole Story
A new version of this excellent, authoritative history of the British twin-jet from Stephen Skinner and the History Press. Full of facts, information, and pictures.

Comet The World's First Jet Airliner

7. Comet! The World’s First Jetliner
Over 300 pages of detailed history, pictures and diagrams on the de Havilland Comet, which was the world’s first jet airliner. Written by respected aviation historian Graham Simons, so it is definitely recommended.

8. London City Airport Through Time
Incredibly London City Airport is more than 25 years old. Built on a former east London dock, its impressive short runway and steep approach is always a favourite, and it has managed to grow into a significant business airport served by many airlines. This book looks back at the history of London City through pictures and captions.

9. Non-Stop: A Turbulent History of Northwest Airlines
Northwest’s name has sadly disappeared from our skies. Yet it was once a household name.  This book is a fully illustrated history of the carrier with many rare photographs and insights.

10. Concorde: A Photographic Tribute
2013 marked a decade since Concorde was retired, leaving only museum exhibits to scattered around the world of this most famous aircraft. This book looks at Concorde through a great number of full colour photographs from every angle in this beautiful tribute. Worthy of any collection.

Which aviation books would you recommend from the past year? Leave a comment below, and also let us know if there are any good books coming soon which you’d like to review!

Aviation incident reports at your fingertips

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Air365 appA new app has launched which gives you the opportunity to monitor aviation incidents around the world.

Air365 offers fully interactive route mapping of accidents and incidents plus aircraft, flight and airline information – and includes an easy-to-search archive of over 72,000 aviation incidents spanning over 30 years.

The app is aimed at aviation enthusiasts, professionals and air travellers. It promises to be regularly updated from top sources, filtered by type of event. It enables users to easily find related articles, including associated photography and video coverage available for individual incidents. Articles and incident reports can be bookmarked for easy retrieval.

App creator Paul Stoakes – an IT developer and keen aviation photographer – said:
“Air365 is aimed at a broad international audience ranging from commercial and amateur pilots to aircraft spotters and photographers, as well as the aircraft maintenance community. I am confident the depth of content and easy-to-use features and maps will appeal to anyone with a special interest in aviation incident reports from around the world. The building of Air365 actually stems from my wife’s fear of flying because as a frequent business traveler, she regularly conducts research into airline safety for her own peace of mind so this may be another potential user group.”

App365 is available now for iPad (Apple App Store link), and will be released on iPhone and Android mobile phones soon according to their website.

Manchester Ringway Through the Decades series

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Eighties RingwayA new book series has been produced based on Manchester Airport in the UK, formerly (and still affectionately) known as Ringway.

Ringway Through The Decades is a vast volume on the history of the airport, which is so big that it covers multiple volumes – each looking at a particular decade.

Each book pulls together facts, figures and stories from a variety of sources to tell the story of Manchester Airport in that particular period. It takes the form of a diary, listing movements, unusual visitors, stories and details on the different companies to be found on the site. In addition, the books are full of photographs from the period showing the airport and aircraft. They are a fantastic resource and a great read for those who remember the airport in these periods.

Books in the series include:

* Seventies Ringway – Manchester Airport 1970-79
* Eighties Ringway – Manchester Airport 1980-84
* Eighties Ringway – Manchester Airport 1985-89

There are also Movements CDs available (1970-1979 & 1980-1989) and 50 years of Diversions (1960-2010). These are designed to compliment the books.


70s Ringway

Nineties Ringway, as well as Sixties Ringway are both in the pipeline for a future release, as well as a number of other titles on the history of Manchester Airport and its operators.

A website has been set up from where you can buy the books, however it also has

plenty of interesting content in its own right, including photographs and stories from Manchester Airport. The link is

Airport Spotting Guides USA available on Kindle!

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My popular book, Airport Spotting Guides USA is now available digitally through Amazon’s Kindle.

For those of you with a Kindle, or simply with the Kindle App on your phone, you can now take the book with you electronically and plan your spotting trips around the USA’s best airports.






The book covers information such as:

  • Airport layout maps, with spotting locations and roads marked on
  • Spotting and photography location descriptions
  • Hotels with views of aircraft movements
  • Runway information, radio frequencies, and lists of airlines you’ll see at each airport.
  • Nearby aviation attractions, such as museums and other airfields.
  • A state-by-state list of all commercial airports and storage airports.
The kindle edition is available for a specially reduced price, so get your copy now!

You can get the Kindle version of Airport Spotting Guides USA here:

Amazon UK
Amazon USA
Amazon Germany

Alternatively, the print edition is still available here

App Review – iFly Pro

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iFly AppiFly Pro is a new app for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad from Red Cirrus, the guys behind

You may know the website, which is dubbed The Web’s Best Airport Guide, and covers a vast array of up-to-the-minute info on airports around the world, such as flight stats, delays, traffic updates, plus a range of details on terminal layouts, parking, tips etc.

Flight Arrivals

iFly Pro app is essentially the website in a portable format. It is intended for use in finding out about flights from/to certain airports, and how to get to airports and find the right place to be.

The app claims to cover 700+ airports around the world. I can’t claim to have counted, but it does seem to be fairly comprehensive. Having said that, I did search for my two nearest airports (Durham Tees Valley, and Newcastle, in the UK) and didn’t find them. But all of the bigger UK airports are covered.
iFly Airport MapsAirport status is offered for US airports, and you can also track the status of any flight you know the details of (flight number, from/to etc). So it’s a pretty handy tool for the traveller.

I tried to come at this from the perspective of an aviation enthusiast. How could I use it if I was out for the day visiting different airports to see the action?

Well, I’d definitely find it useful having the maps, showing airport, terminal and road layouts – especially when visiting an airport I’m not very familiar with. I’d also find it useful to see what airlines fly there, and to read the detailed overview which is provided for each airport. And perhaps most useful is the flight status at each airport, showing the upcoming arrivals and departures scheduled.

The app is full of info, and definitely worth the investment simply for its vast coverage of airports around the world. If you travel, it’s definitely worth it, as there’s so much information about each airport’s facilities, amenities and general travel hints.

You can download iFly from the App Store at this link:

Have you tried any good apps that are good for the aviation enthusiast? Comment below and I’ll take a look…

5 Spotting Books for Christmas

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Looking for a spotting book for Christmas (either for yourself, or for someone else)? I decided it’s time to put out details of some of the most popular new titles out recently. Each is linked to the Amazon page so that you can read a review from other people who bought the book.

1. Propliners of the World pt1
Gerry Manning
A fantastic review of the world’s propliners, with a large section on the DC-3. Includes loads of photos and current operators. [Amazon Reviews]

2. Propliners of the World pt2
Gerry Manning
I had to include both parts of this fantastic new collection.  This one looks at many other types, including the Neptune, Orion, AN-2, and water bombers. [Amazon Reviews]

3. Airport Spotting Guides Far East & Australasia
Matt Falcus
OK, so a slight plug here, but this book is great for anyone wishing to travel to the airports in China, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia and other countries, with full spotting information. [Amazon Reviews]

4. The World’s Top 500 Airports
David Wragg
A comprehensive look at the top 500 airports in the world, with maps, colour pictures and plenty of facts and figures for each. [Amazon Reviews]

5. Time Flies: The Heathrow Story
Alan Gallop
A new book charting the history of the UK’s busiest, most exciting, most controversial and arguably the best spotting airport – Heathrow. [Amazon Reviews]

Which books would you add to the list? Are there any coming out soon that you’re looking forward to? Leave a comment below.

Top Spotting Gadgets for 2010

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With a new year approaching, we’re looking for your suggestions on the must-have gadgets and items for the aviation spotter.

What pair of binoculars or pole has shown the most promise and reliability from the airport hotel or perimeter fence?

Are you using SBS or Radarbox?

Which books are perfect companions for your trips, or ideal for keeping track of the aircraft you’ve seen?

And finally, which camera gets your shots on every time?

We’ll take some of the better gadgets and give them a full feature in future posts here on the blog, so you can read all about them. We’ll also be featuring reviews of new items as and when we hear of them so you can be best informed.