The best aviation podcasts to listen to

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I’ve been getting more into podcasts lately as a way to keep up with what’s happening on different topics of interest, including a number of aviation themed examples.

Podcasts are great for listening to whilst on the go, or whilst working at your desk, and often provide news, interviews and interesting topics of discussion.

Here are the best aviation podcasts to listen to at the moment:


1. Airplane Geeks Podcast

One of the original and best. Max and the team record a weekly podcast in the USA which includes discussion on the latest civil and military news stories, and then also involves a guest with an aviation background. The podcast usually includes sections from Pieter Johnson and the Plane Crazy Down Under guys (see below), adding an international perspective to the show.

2. Xtended

Xtended is run by Pieter Johnson, a UK aviation podcaster who is a regular on the Airplane Geeks Podcast. Xtended is billed as Europe’s premier aerospace internet radio programme, and each episode features a range of guest interviews on a variety of aviation topics, from military to civil, general and classic aviation. You’ll often hear from authors about their new books, and lots of people who work in and have a passion for aviation.

3. Airline Pilot Guy

Jeff Nielsen, or Capt. Jeff, who is an airline pilot with lots of experience of flying. He publishes his podcast every week and talks about aviation stories that have caught his attention, or that he can shed some light on. It’s informative and great to hear things from the “other side of the cockpit door.”

4. Plane Crazy Down Under

This is a very entertaining podcast from, as the name suggests, a bunch of guys in Australia. They usually publish a show every month or so, and their goal is to highlight aviation in the Australasia/Pacific region, talking about airlines, military operators, airports, as well as airshows and other events. Each episode is 60-120 minutes in length, and usually includes an interview.

5. Airspeed

Airspeed is an all-round aviation themed podcast run by Stephen Tupper, a lawyer, private pilot, and Civil Air Patrol major. It usually has guests to talk on a particular topic. and appears at least once per week. Well worth a listen.


If you have an aviation podcast or video blog, why not leave a comment below with a link and description!

Guide to spotting at Bristol Airport

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Bristol AirportSimon Fewkes from the new Bristol Airport Spotting website recently got in touch to see if I could let people know about his webiste. In return, he’s agreed to give us an overview of where to spot aircraft at Bristol Airport. Here goes…

Bristol airport has a few spotting locations to spot and photograph both landing and departing aircraft, some of these spots are official and non-official. Aircraft that can be seen here include easyJet A319s and A320s, Ryanair 737-800s, Thomas Cook A320s, Thomson 757 and 737s, Air France ATR42, KLM Fokker 100 and Fokker 70, Aer Lingus ATR72, Helvetic Fokker 100 plus other visitors at various times of the year.

Spot 1: Winters Lane

This is possibly the best location to spot aircraft, it can provide great views of aircraft on the apron, taxiing and taking off, unfortunately its not great for photography as the fence can get in the way but a set of step ladders can solve this issue, if you get closer to the end of runway 9 the fence is much lower, during the summer it can become busy here and ice cream vans are available to serve the spotters.

Spot 2: Winters Lane by Golf Course

This spot is good for watching aircraft as they land on runway 27 and taxi back to the terminal as they will pass right in front of you, also departing aircraft on runway 9 will taxi past you to take off, this spot isn’t good for photography as the fence will get in the way and is too high for step ladders. Both spot 1 and 2 can be accessed by turning into Downside Road, go along this road until you see a red phone box and a sign saying “Tall Pines Golf Club and Lodges”. Turn left there into ‘Cooks Bridle Path’. This is a tight lane so be careful for oncoming traffic and regular tractor activity.

Continue up that lane, past the golf course on your right, down another little hill and back up the other side. You will then come to a bend where you will find the airport perimeter fence, and the main taxiway.

Spot 3: Felton Common

This location is great when runway 27 is being used for landings, arriving aircraft are very low above you and can provide great photos and video opportunities, and this location is to the east of the A38 and can be accessed through the village of Felton which is just past the airport heading towards Bristol on the right.

For further information on all of these locations, with photos, videos and maps visit – a great airline photographic site

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Air Berlin at Palma. ToniMarimon is a great photographic site covering aircraft movements at Palma de Mallorca, in Spain’s Balearic Islands.

I came across the site after working with Toni Marimon recently. He runs the site with some other people, and they have been working hard at adding the collection of Pedro de la Cruz, who has literally thousands of negatives dating back to the 1960s.

Palma has been a very popular and busy holiday airport since the 1960s. It has always been frequented by the various charter and low cost airlines from around Europe. So you can see many great pictures from days and airlines gone by on the site.

It’s also available in English and Spanish.

Check out the site here:

Runway Rooms?

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Singapore A380 9V-SKA seen from London Heathrow Holiday Inn Ariel hotel

A nice article has appeared in Australia’s The Age newspaper on the subject of Runway Rooms, or hotels with good views of the action at airports.

The article is written by Katrina Lobley, but I had the honour of providing some insight to her on the subject, which is naturally close to my heart and the topic of this blog.

In the piece, some of the best hotels from around the world are described, from Atlanta’s Renaissance Concourse to DFW’s Grand Hyatt airport hotel; St. Maarten’s Sonesta Resort to Dubai’s Sheraton Deira. These are some of my favourite places to spend the night.

You can read the article here:

Which airport hotels do you love?

Read my guide to Heathrow Spotting Hotels here.


Stavanger Airport now has live cameras!

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Stavanger Airport WebcamIf you’re sat at home or in an office somewhere and dreaming of being sat at an airport, watching the aircraft come and go, then I’ve got a new site for you to bookmark.

Stavanger Airport in Norway now has a page with two webcams, looking both directions down the main runway, showing all of the comings and goings. It is run by

From giving it a go, I can say that the live streaming is very fast.

The site also shows a live ATC map centred on Stavanger, taken from the excellent FlightRadar24 site. Below this, there’s an arrivals and departures board from the airport, showing what movements are due.

You can view the Stavanger Airport webcams here:

FlyGrip smartphone solution available now – Review

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I had the pleasure of reviewing a new product this week which is now on sale at all InMotion Entertainment stores in airports across the USA.

The device looks like a small clip, and attaches to the back of the phone. It can then be used to attach the phone to your hand without you having to grip it, and giving you the chance to easily type a text, e-mail, or bring up your boarding pass whilst dragging your luggage through the airport.

FlyGrip is a new solution for those with smartphones, such as the Apple iPhone, to help with using it on the move and whilst travelling.


Additionally, the FlyGrip can be used to prop up your phone allowing you to watch videos, read e-mails, or play games whilst it rests on your seatback tray, for example.

Naturally, in addition to smartphones, the FlyGrip can be used on MP3 players and small tablets. The example I tried wouldn’t be of much use with larger tablets, such as the iPad, however there are three sizes available so the larger ones may be more suitable.

The FlyGrip comes in a variety of colours, from subtle to the loud, and comes with full instructions and protective wipes and pads for the device.

FlyGrip Product Range

It is priced from $29.95. You can find out more and order here:

Global Aviation Resource’s Magazine

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Global Aviation MagazineGlobal Aviation Resource is a fantastic, well, aviation resource! Its team and contributors have been producing great blog posts and articles for a long time, and they also run The Hangar, which is a place for aviation enthusiasts and pilots to hang out and chat (think Facebook for avgeeks).

Recently they launched their Global Aviation Magazine, which went out for the first few issues as a free PDF to download from their website.

It has a mix of civil, military and historic aviation articles with some stunning photography. It can easily rival any magazine you can buy in the newsagent, and it’s nice to see a startup do so well.

Now they’ve teamed up with Magazine Cloner Ltd to provide digital distribution of the magazine across web download, and devices such as iPad, iPhone and Android.

I’ve given it a go on my iPhone (since I don’t have an iPad yet), and it’s great for reading on journeys or when I have a spare few minutes. It’s probably more suited to the larger screens of iPad, but nevertheless it’s handy and portable. It also looks great on your TV screen.

I have to confess I won the photo competition in Issue 7, so I’m extra happy. But regardless, it’s definitely worth checking out if you’re an aviation fan!

You can read more and get a copy here: 

Sydney Airport loves spotters!

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Creative Commons ShareAlike license (CC-SA)Grant from the Plane Crazy Down Under Podcast brought my attention to a great page on the website of Sydney Airport which is aimed at spotters and enthusiasts who want to know more about its history and where to watch aircraft.

The page, which you can visit here, gives a history of the airport. It includes pictures from key moments, such as the first Boeing 747 arriving, and the recent 787 Dreamliner visit.

It then goes on to give you technical details about the airfield (elevations, runways, identifiers etc), and a list of the best places to go and watch aircraft. If you’re new to the hobby, it even tells you what aircraft registrations are, so that you can start spotting!

I’m mightily impressed at this. Sydney is a fantastic place to spot at, with variety, good weather and great spotting locations. Having this information on their website to encourage the hobby only makes things better!

Here’s the link:

Airport Spotting on Airplane Geeks ‘Across the Pond’

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This week I had the privilege of speaking to Pieter Johnson for his ‘Across the Pond’ segment on the popular Airplane Geeks Podcast, on episode 165.

Pieter spoke to me about spotting in Europe, in particular the best places, and pitfalls, and my favourite airports. He also mentioned the new book I have coming out soon – Airport Spotting Guides Europe 2012. This is a complete re-work of 2008’s edition, so is perfect for your spotting travels in Europe! If you listen to the podcast, you can enter a competition to win a copy of the new book (before 1st October)!

We’ll hopefully be following this up with segments about spotting in the USA, and the Far East/Australasia over the next month or so.

Thanks Pieter for this. You can listen to the podcast here: 



Ten Best Airport Bars

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For those of you who like a drink whilst in an airport terminal, either waiting for a flight or simply watching the action, why not have a read of the this post on The Sky Steward which lists their ten best airport bars worldwide.