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Kryzeekris Site France Update 0

Kryzeekris Site France Update

The excellent ‘Krayzeekris’ website has been updated this week, with a number of airport spotting guides added for French airports and airfields. The site is officially known as Go take a look.

Paris Charles de Gaulle Terminal 3 Spotting Information 1

Paris Charles de Gaulle Terminal 3 Spotting Information

I passed through Paris Charles de Gaulle airport this week, and used the relatively new Terminal 3 for the first time (yes I flew low-cost, for my sins). So I thought this would be...

Paris Air Salon 2009 0

Paris Air Salon 2009

The Paris Air Salon 2009 will be held from 15-21 June at Le Bourget airport. This year marks 100 years of technological innovation in aeronautics and space. The website for this year’s event is...

Chateauroux Spotting, France 1

Chateauroux Spotting, France

Chateuroux is a small airport in France, an hour or so south of Paris. It has very little flight activity, with just a regional link to the capital of note. However, the airport has...

Paris Photography Permits 2

Paris Photography Permits

There has been some discussion on the Civil Spotters group about the best e-mail address to use if you want to obtain a photography permit for visiting Paris Charles de Gaulle airport. The best...

Perpignan Spotting 0

Perpignan Spotting

Andy ‘Smudger’ Smith has also given a bit of information about Perpignan – a small regional airport in France just inside the border with Spain. Perpignan is known for having a small collection of...

Southern France Spotting Notes 0

Southern France Spotting Notes

Andy ‘Smudger’ Smith has recently posted an insightful guide into some of southern France’s main airports and airfields from a spotting point of view. Here are some of the highlights: Nimes: Has some stored...