Where Are CityJet’s Sukhoi Superjets Now?

This month CityJet suspended flying its Sukhoi SSJ Superjet aircraft for Brussels Airlines following a disappointing spell of serviceability and reliability issues which meant flights were often delayed or grounded.

CityJet has retained the contract to fly these services for Brussels Airlines, albeit now using Bombardier CRJ aircraft, which seem much more popular.

As the only airline flying the Sukhoi Superjet in Western Europe, we wondered what happened to these aircraft and where they are now?

CityJet operated seven of the aircraft in total, both on its own services (mostly charter work). Four of these aircraft were painted in full Brussels Airlines colours and based out of Brussels Airport on European services.

Brussels Airlines ­čçž­čç¬ Sukhoi Superjet 100 EI-FWD

Following their retirement, here’s where the CityJet Superjets are located now:

  • EI-FWA – Stored at Dublin, Ireland
  • EI-FWB – Stored at Dublin, Ireland
  • EI-FWC – Stored at Venice, Italy
  • EI-FWD (Brussels Airlines) –┬áStored at Shannon, Ireland
  • EI-FWE (Brussels Airlines) –┬áStored at Shannon, Ireland
  • EI-FWF (Brussels Airlines) –┬áStored at Shannon, Ireland
  • EI-FWG (Brussels Airlines) – Stored at Venice, Italy

SSJ Corner

The future for these two-year-old aircraft is uncertain. Perhaps one of the other Superjet operators will snap them up.


Did you ever fly on one of these aircraft? What was it like? Leave a comment below!



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3 Responses

  1. Viken Telian says:

    Flew once, SU flight from SVO to WAW in business class. Super. I was really impressed.

  2. Dmitry says:

    I flew SSJ100 several times from Moscow city. The passenger comfort is very good, the cabin width with 2+3 seats abreast is wide enough. I felt like I flew Airbus A320. I like this aircraft as a passenger.

  3. Charles says:

    I flew a couple of times on Brussels liveried flights from Italy. Comfortable enough though I particularly did not like the high seat to window line position which meant crouching down to be able to get a view out.

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