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New Funchal Airport video from Justplanes. Win a copy!

by Matt Falcus


Justplanes.com has another great video for enthusiasts this month, this time covering Funchal Airport on the island of Madeira.


This is a really great airport to visit (it’s one of our 10 Coolest Spotting Locations) as you can get really close to the action and aircraft often make dramatic approaches over the sea.

A lot of the time there are crosswinds which make landings really dramatic. What’s more, the runway is partially built on stilts out over the sea!



In this new video, Justplanes.com bring you all of the action from Funchal, including close-up shots, crazy landings and views from various vantage points.

You’ll see holiday airliners, domestic flights and aircraft both large and small.

Here’s a promo video:


To buy a copy, simply click on this link: http://www.justplanes.com/funchal.html


Win a Copy


The winner of the competition is Andy MacLeur. Congratulations!



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