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Crowne Plaza Hotel Singapore Airport 0

Crowne Plaza Hotel Singapore Airport

Andy Bowden of Plane Spotting Hotels website reports on what is regarded one of the best hotels for aircraft spotting at Singapore’s Changi Airport. He writes… I would rate this hotel as probably one...

Korea’s Yangyang Ghost Airport 0

Korea’s Yangyang Ghost Airport

The brand new, modern airport facility at Yangyang in South Korea cost $400m to build. Yet it now has no operators, with the last commercial flight having left in November 2008. A really interesting...

Special Champions League Charters for Manchester 0

Special Champions League Charters for Manchester

With Manchester United in the final of the Champions League against Barcelona, which is being held in Rome on Wednesday 27th May, Manchester Airport is expecting a whole host of extra charter flights. TAS...

Spotlight on Aviation Tour Companies 0

Spotlight on Aviation Tour Companies

As a way to combine trips to (sometimes) far-flung places, with like-minded enthusiasts for company, aviation tour companies offer a great outlet for our hobby. Some of the better known companies operating in the...

Birmingham Runway Extension Approved 0

Birmingham Runway Extension Approved

Birmingham Airport’s planned runway extension has been approved. I was in the Aviation Experience last week and noticed the display boards with all of the plans and support for this that they have up....

Spotting at Santa Monica Airport 0

Spotting at Santa Monica Airport

This small airport is located to the north of Los Angeles LAX, and a mile or two inland from the famous pier and seafront in Santa Monica. The airport handles mainly GA and biz...

Las Vegas Runway Reopens 0

Las Vegas Runway Reopens

Las Vegas McCarran’s runway 07R/25L has reopened following resurfacing work. The closure has made spotting quite difficult at the airport as this runway offers the best opportunities along Sunset Road.

Spotting Around Shanghai 3

Spotting Around Shanghai

Mark Curran recently reported on his trip to Shanghai in which he searched out some of the aviation-related points of interest away from from city’s main airports, as well as some general comments on...

Shanghai Pudong Hotel Recommendation 0

Shanghai Pudong Hotel Recommendation

A recent report by Paul Moiser from a spotting trip to China gives the following details about the 4-star Ease Hotel in the terminal. To get to the hotel from where the bus drops...