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Shanghai Pudong Hotel Recommendation 0

Shanghai Pudong Hotel Recommendation

A recent report by Paul Moiser from a spotting trip to China gives the following details about the 4-star Ease Hotel in the terminal. To get to the hotel from where the bus drops...

Spotting at Zagreb Airport 0

Spotting at Zagreb Airport

Quite an unusual one for most of us to visit, but if you’re in Croatia, a trip to Zagreb Airport may be quite rewarding with the amount of local traffic not seen elsewhere. It...

Travelodge £9 Room Sale 1

Travelodge £9 Room Sale

Travelodge are holding another £9 per night room sale. This is particularly useful if you’re on the road spotting as there are many Travelodge hotels located near airports in the UK. Some particularly useful...

Rotterdam Aviation Fair This Saturday 0

Rotterdam Aviation Fair This Saturday

Sorry for the late warning. Dutch Spotters are hosting another Rotterdam Aviation Fair inside the terminal building on Saturday 18 April. Parking and entrance is free. Inside you’ll find many booths and tables selling...

Paris Air Salon 2009 0

Paris Air Salon 2009

The Paris Air Salon 2009 will be held from 15-21 June at Le Bourget airport. This year marks 100 years of technological innovation in aeronautics and space. The website for this year’s event is...

BA Concorde to Dubai? 2

BA Concorde to Dubai?

It seems talks are underway to sell Heathrow’s British Airways Concorde G-BOAB to Dubai. It would become a tourist attraction on one of the palm-shaped islands, similar to the fate of the QE2 cruise...

Manchester Viewing Park Prices 8

Manchester Viewing Park Prices

Manchester Airport’s excellent Aviation Viewing Park’s entrance prices have changed. They are now: £2 for pedestrians £5 for cars + driver (extra cost for passengers)

Aircraft Spotting Site (formerly Krayzeekris) Updated 0

Aircraft Spotting Site (formerly Krayzeekris) Updated

The excellent and well-known Krayzeekris website detailing hundreds of airports and airfields around the UK and the rest of the world has had a slight overhaul and a lot of new content added. The...