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Manchester Viewing Park Prices 8

Manchester Viewing Park Prices

Manchester Airport’s excellent Aviation Viewing Park’s entrance prices have changed. They are now: £2 for pedestrians £5 for cars + driver (extra cost for passengers)

Aircraft Spotting Site (formerly Krayzeekris) Updated 0

Aircraft Spotting Site (formerly Krayzeekris) Updated

The excellent and well-known Krayzeekris website detailing hundreds of airports and airfields around the UK and the rest of the world has had a slight overhaul and a lot of new content added. The...

Barcelona Spotting Tower Erected 1

Barcelona Spotting Tower Erected

Barcelona Airport has showed a step towards welcoming spotters by erecting a tower giving enthusiasts a great view over the runways and aprons.The tower has been put up by the airport authority AENA, and...

Gatwick G20 Summit Warning 0

Gatwick G20 Summit Warning

The local police have issued a warning to spotters at Gatwick airport around the time of the G20 summit in London next week. It reads: “Over the coming week a Policing operation will commence...

Spotting at Osaka Kansai 4

Spotting at Osaka Kansai

One of Japan’s busiest and most modern airports. Osaka is a great stop-off if you’re spotting in Japan, however it has periods of few traffic movements on afternoons. The actual traffic you get is...

BAA Forced to Sell More Airports 0

BAA Forced to Sell More Airports

It has been announced by the regulators that the British Airports Authority (BAA) must sell more airports. It was already announced that London Gatwick will be sold. However, following this Stansted must be sold,...

Memphis Spotting Guide 3

Memphis Spotting Guide

Derek Oldham has provided this excellent report on spotting at Memphis – a haven for FedEx and Northwest (soon to be Delta) jets. I stayed in the Radisson at the airport. Contrary to what...

Aircraft Storage Yards Booming 1

Aircraft Storage Yards Booming

In this time of global economic downturn, business for the storage boneyards for aircraft in the USA is booming. More and more airlines are parking aircraft, with levels not seen since the year following...

Heathrow Renaissance Hotel Spotters Packages 1

Heathrow Renaissance Hotel Spotters Packages

The Renaissance Hotel at London Heathrow has a special Spotters Day Package available for those wanting to use the facilities. The cost is £20 for spotters to have the use of the Club Longe...

Spotting in the Washington DC Area 1

Spotting in the Washington DC Area

Keishi Nukina recently posted a great overview of the main Washington DC area airports from a spotting perspective, following his recent visit. If you’re planning on heading there, it makes great sense to give...