Preserved NAMC YS-11 Aircraft in Japan


By 航空自衛隊 [GJSTUv1], via Wikimedia Commons

The NAMC YS-11 was a turboprop airliner developed in Japan by the Nihon Aircraft Manufacturing Corporation. 

It first flew in 1962 and remained in service with airlines in the Philippines until the late 2000s. The final active examples are flying for the Japan Air Self Defence Force’s Tactical Airlift Squadron.

Only 182 aircraft were built, but it was quite liked among pilots and passengers. 

In Japan, airlines such as ANA All Nippon Airways, Japan Airlines, Japan Domestic Airways, Japan TransOcean Air and Japan Air System all flew the type on domestic services.


Where to see NAMC YS-11s in Japan today

With the type now retired, it’s still possible to see a number of preserved examples of the YS-11 around Japan. Here are the known aircraft and their locations, along with an interactive map to find them all.

  • JA8777 Japanese Aviation Avademy (Wajima School), Noto Airport   
  • JA8781 Japanese Aviation Avademy (Wajima School), Noto Airport 
  • JA8701 Yonago Air Base, Miho, Japanese Coast Guard
  • JA8731 Aerospace Museum, Kakamigahara, All Nippon Airways
  • JA8733  Saga Airport, All Nippon Airways
  • JA8732  Koku Koen Station, Tokorozawa, All Nippon Airways
  • JA8809  Michinoku Traditional Wooden Boat Museum, Aomori, Japan Air Commuter
  • JA8734  Tajima Airport, All Nippon Airways
  • JA8743  Takamatsu Airport, All Nippon Airways
  • JA8611  Museum of Aeronautical Science, Tokyo Narita, All Nippon Airways
  • JA8610  Tokyo Haneda Airport, Civil Aviation Bureau (not on display)
  • JA8776  Aviation and Science Museum, Misawa, Japan Air Commuter
  • JA8712  Kumamoto Airport, Sojyou University
  • JA8805  Japanese Aviation Academy (Wajima School) Noto Airport


  (click on map to navigate)

Preserved YS-11

By onaonan (onaonan’s file) [GFDL, CC-BY-SA-3.0 or CC BY-SA 2.5], via Wikimedia Commons

JA8610 in Haneda Airport T101 Hangar. By Photaro (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons



JASDF Retirements

JASDF will be retiring its NAMC YS-11 aircraft in the near future. 

52-1152 will apparently be preserved at the new Aichi Aviation Museum at or near Nagoya-Komaki. 



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