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Top 10 Spotting Locations in Spain

by Matt Falcus

Spain is a top destination for tourists and millions of us take holidays there every year, and there are a number of great spotting locations in Spain for aviation enthusiasts.

Here are the top 10 spotting locations in Spain at airports around the country and its island resorts.


Palma de Mallorca, perimeter fence


The road running alongside runway 06L/24R is good for afternoon photography and logging. This is reached down Ctra. Llucmajor leading from a roundabout off MA-30 (off the road from Palma to Manicor). There are plenty of parking spots and benches along the track.


Madrid Barajas, The Mound

Madrid Mound

Probably the best spotting locations in Spain. Take the Metro to Barajas, the small town adjacent to the airport. Once there, walk over the white bridge past the restaurant on the left. This raised area will allow you to log almost every movement, even aircraft using the distant new runway and Terminal 4, although photography is only really possible for aircraft passing on the taxiways nearer to you. It is possible to drive here if you follow signs for Barajas and then head towards the road tunnel under the airport. The mound is alongside this tunnel, with various places to park nearby.



Spotters watch the first 747 land (Photo: EL PAÍS)

Spotters watch the first 747 land at Teruel (Photo: EL PAÍS)

The newest of spotting locations in Spain. Teruel is a brand new airport built to take advantage of alternative income streams such as airliner maintenance and storage. Viewing the stored aircraft can be difficult, but is possible with perseverance and a car!


Malaga, Churriana


The best spotting location at Malaga is alongside runway 13/31 where a rough parking area and mounds exist near the village of Churriana. Photographs can be taken through the fence, or of aircraft taking off. To reach it, follow road signs for Churriana, and then look for a road on your right that leads down to the fence.


Barcelona, Spotters Tower

41 Barcelona Spotting Tower

An official spotting location provided for viewing aircraft, with benches and an elevated tower which raises you above the fence. It is situated next to the threshold of runway 25R and plenty of people congregate here to watch aircraft pass at close quarters as they approach. The location is off Platja de El Prat, with parking available at the nearby cemetery. Bus route PR3 will take you to the spot if you exit at Tanatori.


Lanzarote, beach

Lanzarote spotting

By Andy Mitchell (originally posted to Flickr as easyjet A319 G-EZIN) [CC BY-SA 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Lanzarote’s single runway hugs the shoreline, with the terminal at the northern end. Most spotters us the beach and road at the end of runway 03 since most aircraft approach from this direction and good photographs are possible.


Valencia, runway 12

A fairly busy airport which isn’t as heavily influenced by holiday traffic and instead handles more scheduled carriers and low cost airlines such as Ryanair, Transavia, Vueling and Wizz Air. Iberia links the city to many Spanish destinations through its Air Nostrum subsidiary, which is based here. There are good views of aircraft using runway 12, and some of the stored aircraft on the south side, from a spot alongside the perimeter fence. It is reached by heading west from the terminal area.


Las Palmas Gran Canaria, Las Puntillas


Photo (c) Jozsef Soos

The small town of Las Puntillas to the south of the airport terminal is a good place to watch aircraft movements. You have a view of the 03L/R thresholds and taxiways. Alternatively, to the north the Ojos de Garza beach has good views of aircraft approaching.


Alicante, south side of runway

Spotting at Alicante

Photo (c) Antonio Carrasquilla

The best spot to get a good overview of all movements at Alicante, with opportunities for photographing aircraft on the runway. To reach this spot from the terminal, head along the local road towards Elche, then turn left at the next roundabout onto CV849. Eventually you’ll see a gravel track on the left running alongside the perimeter fence. You can park here and use the mound to get elevated views.


Seville, runway 27 end

Spotting at Seville

Photo (c) Antonio Muñiz

This spot gives a convenient overview of the runway, approach and part of the A400M production facilities. It is a dirt track running between the main road towards the EADS gate and an irrigation canal. At night it is a lover’s lane, but in daytime you can just capture the taxiway as you are a bit elevated. Approach is good too.

To get here you can either enter the dirt road from the roundabout at the Airbus Military southern gate, find the entry along the south bound road just past the approach or enter at the road running along the north east perimeter just before the roundabout there.

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David Bennett March 22, 2020 - 3:25 pm

Hi Matt,

An interesting read.

I went to Lanzarote earlier this year, (staying in Arrecife).

From there you can get a bus to Playa Honda or Matogorda.

I recommend the latter, as it involves less walking, which is a major bonus after dark as the path to Matogorda is lit, the path to Playa Honda is not.

Also as you walk back, you can still get pictures of approaching aircraft.


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