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10% Drop in Flights at Major Airports Expected

by Matt Falcus

From the winter timetables in October, the top 100 busiest airports in the USA are expected the number of flights operating through them to drop by 10%.

This comes after announcements from many of the major carriers that they are reducing their schedules, parking planes, and laying off staff.

In the US, American Airlines will cut 62 flights from Chicago O’Hare across its mainline and Eagle routes.

A full story can be read at http://www.usatoday.com/travel/flights/2008-06-29-route-cutbacks_N.htm

Will this resonate around the world, with echoes across European and Asian airports?

For the spotter, will it mean aircraft are parked up and easier to catch, or will it make a trip to the airport less exciting?


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