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5 Airports for Crosswind Landing Videos

by Matt Falcus

If you want to get out there and capture some stunning videos or pictures of crosswind landings, here is some inspiration from five different airports.

The key to emphasising the crosswind is to be positioned looking down the runway, either in front of or behind arriving traffic.

Birmingham, UK

[kkytv id=”7P9OAng32F0″]

Dusseldorf, Germany

[kkytv id=”la-hSjKP2TU”]

Funchal, Madeira

[kkytv id=”UJ4qR1x45-M”]

Tokyo Narita, Japan

[kkytv id=”G8j7GGB7F9c”]

Zurich, Switzerland

[kkytv id=”n9yF09DMrrI”]


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