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Airport Spotting Guides UK & Ireland OUT NOW

by Matt Falcus


Our latest book is now available!

Airport Spotting Guides UK & Ireland follows in the footsteps of our other popular titles, giving enthusiasts a comprehensive guide on where to spot, photograph and watch aircraft.

This book covers England, Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales, the Channel Islands and Republic of Ireland, including a section on the airports and airfields of London.

It also includes details of all the main aviation museums and collections in the UK.

Here’s a summary of what Airport Spotting Guides UK & Ireland includes:

  • 79 airports and major airfields
  • Nearly 30 maps
  • Detailed descriptions of where to spot and photograph
  • Public transport directions
  • Information about the aircraft and airlines to be seen
  • Aviation museums and aircraft collections

Many comments I received from enthusiasts about what kind of content you’d like to see include public transport directions, so that has been included in this book for all airports; perfect when you’re travelling without a car.

There are also plenty of tips on what types of aircraft and airlines you’re likely to see at each airport.


Not Just Major Airports

All airports and large airfields are covered in this book, including the best places to see light aircraft, biz jets, and interesting Highlands and Islands traffic in remote parts of Scotland.


Order Now

To pre-order your copy of Airport Spotting Guides UK & Ireland click on here: https://destinworld.com/product/airport-spotting-guides-uk-ireland/







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