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App Review – iFly Pro

by Matt Falcus

iFly AppiFly Pro is a new app for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad from Red Cirrus, the guys behind www.ifly.com

You may know the website, which is dubbed The Web’s Best Airport Guide, and covers a vast array of up-to-the-minute info on airports around the world, such as flight stats, delays, traffic updates, plus a range of details on terminal layouts, parking, tips etc.

Flight Arrivals

iFly Pro app is essentially the website in a portable format. It is intended for use in finding out about flights from/to certain airports, and how to get to airports and find the right place to be.

The app claims to cover 700+ airports around the world. I can’t claim to have counted, but it does seem to be fairly comprehensive. Having said that, I did search for my two nearest airports (Durham Tees Valley, and Newcastle, in the UK) and didn’t find them. But all of the bigger UK airports are covered.
iFly Airport MapsAirport status is offered for US airports, and you can also track the status of any flight you know the details of (flight number, from/to etc). So it’s a pretty handy tool for the traveller.

I tried to come at this from the perspective of an aviation enthusiast. How could I use it if I was out for the day visiting different airports to see the action?

Well, I’d definitely find it useful having the maps, showing airport, terminal and road layouts – especially when visiting an airport I’m not very familiar with. I’d also find it useful to see what airlines fly there, and to read the detailed overview which is provided for each airport. And perhaps most useful is the flight status at each airport, showing the upcoming arrivals and departures scheduled.

The app is full of info, and definitely worth the investment simply for its vast coverage of airports around the world. If you travel, it’s definitely worth it, as there’s so much information about each airport’s facilities, amenities and general travel hints.

You can download iFly from the App Store at this link: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/airport-guide+flight-tracker/id317805307?mt=8

Have you tried any good apps that are good for the aviation enthusiast? Comment below and I’ll take a look…


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