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New Aviation Books and DVDs for your Christmas List

by Matt Falcus

If your loved ones are asking what to get your this Christmas, here’s a selection of recently-released books and DVDs to satisfy your interest in commercial aviation and to sink your teeth into during some down-time this year.

If you are an author or would recommend any other new aviation books, just leave a comment below with your suggestion!



Airbus A380 Manual 2005 Onwards
(Owner’s Workshop Manual)

Robert Wicks looks at the A380 s design and construction, its high-tech cockpit and innovative cabin design, the remarkable engineering behind its 22-wheel undercarriage, and the complex nature of the A380 s operation.

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Aerospatiale/BAC Concorde Timelines

By our own Matt Falcus. Take a look at the history of Concorde from the development of supersonic jets through the service life, 2001 crash and retirement, right up to the present day and where to see the remaining aircraft. Archive images and technical details included.

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Bristol and Gloucestershire Aerospace Industry

Beginning with fighter aircraft manufactured during the First World War, Gloster Aircraft went on to produce aircraft until closure in 1964. This book covers the wider aspects of the aerospace industry, including its industrial heritage, social impacts, technological developments, and continuing significance, utilising a number of archives to create a unique and well-illustrated view of aviation around Bristol and Gloucestershire.

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British Aerospace: Engineering an Airline

With superb illustrations drawn from the archives of the British Airways Heritage Collection, Engineering an Airline tells the fascinating story of BA Engineering, from the earliest days of commercial aviation in the early 1920s to the present day.

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C-130 Hercules: A History

Designed in response to a 1951 requirement, the C-130 Hercules is the most successful military airlifter ever built. The incredible success story of the C-130 is far from over. Here Martin W. Bowman tells the full story of this remarkable aircraft at first-hand.

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Commercial Aviation In Britain in the 1970s

In this book, Malcolm Fife uses his excellent collection of colour photographs to illustrate the sights of commercial aviation in the 1970s. The Boeing 747 had just entered service and Concorde was soon to follow. Airlines like BEA and BOAC merged to create British Airways, and more passengers than ever were beginning to fly.

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Heathrow: Days Out at the UK’s Premier International Airport

A pictorial record of London’s Heathrow Airport, with most images in colour, stretching back to the early 1960s. By Kevan James.

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Last Chance to Fly (2nd Edition)

The special flight enthusiast’s guidebook to the airlines still flying rare and historic aircraft around the world. From wartime pistons to out-of-favour modern jets, this book tells you where to get a flight on a rare airliner before it’s too late!

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London City Airport – 30 Years Serving the Capital

A pictorial and interesting history of London City Airport, which celebrates its 30th anniversary this month. See how the Docklands airport was conceived and developed into the busy hub we have today.

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Manchester Airport First Visits

The latest instalment of the ‘Ringway Through the Decades’ series of books which uncover interesting movements at Manchester Airport. In this book it looks at first visits of different aircraft types and airlines, with lists and photographs.

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DVDs/Blu Rays

TriStar Memories

The Lockheed L1011 TriStar seen through archive footage and unseen material. Includes displays at Farnborough, on-board footage, TriStars at Kai Tak and Manchester, and much more.

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Edelweiss A340 From the Cockpit

Take a flight from Zurich to Cape Town in the cockpit of Edelweiss Airbus A340. A new film from Just Planes full of stunning footage and presentations.

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Paris Airport 2017

Another video from Just Planes. This time, see hundreds of aircraft action close-up at Paris CDG airport. All the latest airliners and airlines are present in 4 hours of footage.

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Boston A350 – Lufthansa’s Next Top Model

Take a flight to Boston on board Lufthansa’s brand new Airbus A350. With presentations from the crew and lots of stunning footage.

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I hope there’s something interesting in there for you, and that your Christmas stocking is full of aviation goodies!




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