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Aviation Inside North Korea Photo Feature

by Matt Falcus

Despite being one of the most secretive countries on the planet, there’s not much the dedicated aviation enthusiast hasn’t heard about North Korea.

Thanks to the national airline, Air Koryo, still operating classic Soviet-era airliners – one of the few airlines still doing so – fans of flying and photographing these old types have been joining specialist tours to the country for a number of years.

NK News have put together a fantastic new 2019 calendar and some other items which you may be interested in, including Air Koryo merchandise. In particular you might like the Ilyushin IL-62 T-Shirt and the Air Koryo Retro T-Shirt.

They have also provided this collection of pictures of aviation inside North Korea for those who haven’t yet made the journey, or those who want to reminisce about the aircraft flying there.




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MERVYN CROWE November 15, 2018 - 1:43 am

The north Koreans, like the Russians, love those large rimmed air crew hats, dont they !
Keeps the oil off their old aircraft from dripping on to their uniforms..


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