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Boeing 737-200 Survivors

by Matt Falcus

by Matthew Booten.


The Boeing 737-200 was the second variant in the famous 737 family. The 737-200 was a lengthened version of the 737-100, the first installment of the 737 family.

The 737-200 took its maiden flight on 8 August 1967 and was first certified by the FAA on 21 December 1967. 

The 737-200 was widely used thanks to it being a lengthened version of the 737-100. This meant that it can be found everywhere from Germany to New York to Bangkok. 

Long before the 737 MAX was grounded, so was the 737-200. In fact, the 737-200 is one of the most dangerous aircraft on the planet, having had 68 crashes since it first flew. 

However, if you live in the UK or the US, it’s probably going to be difficult for you to to see 737-200 in action. Despite this, there are several on display throughout the country. 


Over 50 years later, there are a surprising number of -200s still in use.


Here’s our list of Boeing 737-200 survivors. We’ll try to keep it updated, so why not bookmark and check back often! And if you have any updates, please let us know!


Active Boeing 737-200 Aircraft

FAB-118 | Boeing 737-230A | TAM - Transporte Aéreo Militar


HK-4253 21109/436: 737-2H6 Aerosucre, Colombia.

HK-5026 22120/715: 737-230 Aerosucre, Colombia.

HK-5192 23124/1046: 737-2X6C Aerosucre, Colombia.

CC-ABD 22736/896: 737-2Q3 Mineral Airways, Chile.

CC-CTK 22402/744: 737-230 Mineral Airways, Chile.

ZS-SIF 22585/828: 737-244F Africa Charter Airline, South Africa.

C-GAIG 21928/603: 737-2S2C Air Inuit, Canada.

C-GMAI 21467/515: 737-2Q2C Air Inuit, Canada.

C-GNDU 22877/880: 737-242C Air Inuit, Canada.

C-GSPW 22618/813: 737-275C Air Inuit, Canada.

N467TW 23466/1236: 737-205 Ameristar, US.

HR-AVR 23104/1062: 737-232 Aviatsa, Honduras.

HR-MRZ 23088/1018: 737-232 Aviatsa, Honduras.

YV2794 23089/1019: 737-232 Avior Airlines, Venezuela. 

YV2823 23090/1020: 737-232 Avior Airlines, Venezuela.

YV2937 23847/1414: 737-2Y5 Avior Airlines, Venezuela.

YV3151 22979/950: 737-2T5 Avior Airlines, Venezuela.

TN-AIX 22395/729: 737-2T5 Canadian Airways Congo, DRC.

C-GDPA 22056/655: 737-2T2C Canadian North, Canada.

C-GOPW 22160/688: 737-725C Canadian North, Canada.

CC-AQJ 21799/660: 737-236 Chilean Airways, Chile.

C-FBIM 23608/1399: 737-247 Chrono Aviation, Canada.

C-FYPN 22529/750: 737-2T4 Chrono Aviation, Canada.

C-GTVO 22994/928: 737-219C Chrono Aviation, Canada.

9T-TCQ 21139/437: 737-229C Congolese Air Force, DRC.

YV3434 21167/442: 737-2N1 ConVasia, Venezuela.

FAE-630 21798/658: 737-236 Ecuadorian Air Force, Ecuador.

3520 23133/1049: 737-2B7 Mexican Air Force, Mexico.

XA-UMQ 24103/1565: 737-2Q3 Global Air, Mexico.

9Q-CBX 22089/632: 737-291 Gomair, DRC.

K2412 23036/977: 737-2A8 Indian Air Force, India.

K2413 23037/982: 737-2A8 Indian Air Force, India.

K3186 20484/275: 737-2A8 Indian Air Force, India.

K3187 20483/273: 737-2A8 Indian Air Force, India.

AI-7301 22777/868: 737-2X9 Indonesian Air Force, Indonesia.

AI-7302 22778/947: 737-2X9 Indonesian Air Force, Indonesia.

AI-7303 22779/985: 737-2X9 Indonesian Air Force, Indonesia.

AI-7304 21518/522: 737-2X9 Indonesian Air Force, Indonesia.

EP-AGA 21317/483: 737-286 Meraj Airlines, Iran.

PK-JRA 22880/927: 737-2B7 Jayawijaya Dirgantara, Indonesia.

PK-JRW 21822/605: 737-210C Jayawijaya Dirgantara, Indonesia.

5N-BMS 21710/546: 737-2R8C JedAir, Nigeria.

VP-CAQ 22431/803: 737-2V6 Jet Connections, UK.

TL-AEG 23109/1016: 737-2H4 Karinou Airlines, CAR.

5Y-MSA 22585/828: 737-244F Multiple Solutions, Kenya.

PK-MYR 20944/408: 737-2K2C My Indo Airlines, Indonesia.

C-GNLA 22072/623: 737-2L9 Nolinor Aviation, Canada.

C-GNLE 21011/411: 737-248C Nolinor Aviation, Canada.

C-GNLK 20836/354: 737-2K2C Nolinor Aviation, Canada.

C-GNLN 23050/975: 737-2B6C Nolinor Aviation, Canada.

C-GNLW 23130/1040: 737-2R4C Nolinor Aviation, Canada.

C-GNRD 21738/576: 737-229C Nolinor Aviation, Canada.

C-GTUK 23049/951: 737-2B6C Nolinor Aviation, Canada.

C-FCJV 22776/891: 737-2M2 Nolinor Aviation, Canada.

FAP352 23042/967: 737-282 Peruvian Air Force, Peru.

FAP353 19424/147: 737-248 Peruvian Air Force, Peru.

FAP354 20221/227: 737-248 Peruvian Air Force, Peru.

YV380T 22127/745: 737-230 RUTACA, Venezuela.

RP-C4737 23065/989: 737-2T4C SEAir International, Philippines.

S2-AGN 24197/1581: 737-209F Sky Capital Cargo, Bangladesh.

N326TR 20917/344: 737-210C Trans Air, US.

N370BC 23468/1262: 737-205 BCM Majestic Corp

N737CS 23272/1093: 737-2T4F Trans Air, US.

N809TA 23796/1420: 737-209F Trans Air, US.

FAB-113 23481/1241: 737-2Q3 TAM, Bolivia.

FAB-114 22135/781: 737-230 TAM, Bolivia.

FAB-116 22122/721: 737-230 Bolivian Air Force, Bolivia.

FAB-117 22636/808: 737-230 Bolivian Air Force, Bolivia.

FAB-118 22139/791: 737-230 TAM, Bolivia.

YV268T 23099/1035: 737-232 Venezolana, Venezuela.

YV502T 21598/512: 737-291 Venezolana, Venezuela.

YV513T 23158/1089: 737-230 Venezolana, Venezuela.

YV535T 23153/1075: 737-230 Venezolana, Venezuela.

YV3434 21167/442: 737-2N1 ConViasa, Venezuela.


Preserved Boeing 737-200 Aircraft

N29SW, Boeing 737-2H4, (21340), Ryan International, Kansas Aviation Museum, 21/04/2013

N9009U 19047/14: 737-222 Preserved, Southern Illinois University Carbondale, Southern Illinois Airport, IL.

N213US 20213/160: 737-201 Displayed, Museum of Flight, Seattle, WA.

LV-WTX 20561/292: 737-281 Displayed, National Museum of Aeronautics, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

CC-CSK 20562/293: 737-281 Preserved, Motel Bahía, Concón, Chile.

C-GWJT 21262/470: 737-2H4 Displayed, British Columbia Aerospace Technology Campus, Richmond, British Columbia, Canada. 

F-GBYK 23010/959: 737-228, Displayed next to Motel Paraiso in Quillota, Chile.

N29SW 21340/499: 737-2H4 Displayed at the Kansas Aviation Museum, Wichita, KS. 

C-GIPW 21712/557: 737-275 Preserved, Alberta Flying Heritage Museum, Villeneuve, Alberta, Canada. 

N740AS 22578/767: 737-290C Displayed, Alaska Aviation Heritage Museum, Anchorage, AK.

YV1361 22826/878: 737-2H4 Preserved, Santiago, Chile. 

22-222 23059/980: 737-2Z6 Displayed, Royal Thai Air Force Museum, Bangkok, Thailand.

ZS-SMD 23472/1194: 737-219 Displayed, South African Airways Museum, Germiston, Gauteng, South Africa.


Stored Boeing 737-200 Aircraft

ZS-SIT 737-236

CC-CVI 22367/706: 737-2Q3 WFU Santiago international Airport, Chile.

Z-WPA 23677/1313: 737-2N0 WFU Robert Gabriel Mugabe Airport, Zimbabwe.

Z-WPB 23678/1405: 737-2N0 WFU Robert Gabriel Mugabe Airport, Zimbabwe.

YV2998 23848/1418: 737-2Y5 WFU Simon Bolivar International Airport, Venezuela.

YV2792 22887/976: 737-2B7 WFU Simon Bolivar International Airport, Venezuela.

XA-UBB 22887/976: 737-2B7 WFU Simon Bolivar International Airport, Venezuela.

XA-UHY 21016/406: 737-2C3 WFU Simon Bolivar International Airport, Venezuela.

C-GFCN 21173/447: 737-2M2C WFU Montréal Mirabel, Canada.

ZS-SIT 21790/599: 737-236 WFU Johannesburg O R Tambo, South Africa.

N949PG 23159/1047: 737-236 WFU Ezeiza International Airport, Argentina.

TN-AHR 22741/871: 737-291 WFU Brazzaville Maya Maya, Congo.

TN-AHI 23609/1403: 737-247 WFU Brazzaville Maya Maya, Congo.

TN-AIN 23172/1091: 737-236 WFU Brazzaville Maya Maya, Congo.

YV295T 21717/581: 737-217 WFU Simon Bolivar International Airport, Venezuela.

YV302T 23087/1013: 737-232 WFU Simon Bolivar International Airport, Venezuela.

YV472T 22074/619: 737-242 WFU Tomás de Heres Airport, Venezuela.

N306AL 23066/992: 737-2T4C Daniel K. Inouye International Airport, US.

N413JG 23148/1059: 737-2Q8 Daniel K. Inouye International Airport, US.

N810TA 21116/427: 737-275C Daniel K. Inouye International Airport, US.

73-1155 20702/362: 737-T43A Las Vegas Nellis AFB, US.

AP-BIA 22625/776: 737-2H3 Amman Marka Airport, Jordan.

AP-BMZ 24236/1585: 737-25CA Amman Marka Airport, Jordan.


Where to see 737-200s in action

Air Inuit 737-200

Photo (c) Jean-Philippe Richard

As you can see there are several -200s still in action, however, these are mostly in the developing world or as cargo aircraft. 

Perhaps the best place for people in the US to see a 737-200 is the Las Vegas Nellis Air Force Base. Despite it being a militarized version, the T-43 is still a -200 at heart and still looks as it did in the 1960s. 

Otherwise, your best bet is to go to Kuujjuaq Airport, where Air Inuit is based. Air Inuit runs regularly scheduled cargo flights into and out of Kuujjuaq Airport.

Can I fly on a 737-200?

Despite its age, you can actually fly on a -200! 

There are several air charter companies in the US, Canada and UK who offer charter flights. If you want to get the airline experience, you will probably have to travel to South America or one of the Congos. 

The 737-200 has been phased out in favor of newer 737 variants. The last commercial flight of the 737-200 with Aloha Airlines was in March 2008.


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Peter Boardman June 6, 2020 - 10:42 pm

You list “C-GGUL” as the wreckage of a 737-200 stored at Eindhoven in the Netherlands… This is a DHC7?!!!! However, 737-200 with the Line Number 1023 is the former N320DL and is stored at Trois-Rivieres, QC in Canada…

Matt Falcus June 8, 2020 - 7:17 pm

Thanks Peter. We looked into this and there was some confusion. C-GGUL is actually the current registration of ln 1023 (N320DL), and is active. The former C-GGUL DHC7 was at Eindhoven for a while. It has been corrected in the list!

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[…] Most recently, the new 737 MAX has been grounded after two fatal crashes in only a few months. The 737-200 has also been mired in controversy, with it too having been grounded after a series of fatal […]

Alexandre Alves July 30, 2020 - 8:49 pm

In Brazil we have some 737-200 stored or preserved.

– PP-SMW and PP-SFI in full VASP colors and complete into a private small farm at Araraquara, SP
– PP-SMC without engines and interior at supermarket on Contagem, MG
– PR-MGA full ATA Brasil colors and parts on Campo Grande Airport CGR/SBCG
– PP-SMH full operational (only ground) in VASP colors at private farm on Parana State
– PP-SMA without some parts into Lagoa Santa, MG
– FAB2115 and FAB2116 are preserved on MUSAL and Foz do Iguaçu, PR.
– PP-SMB at Nanuque, MG, full colors VASP
– PP-SMP at Cascavel, PR into full colors VASP
– PP-VMM into Amazonas state.

And into your list, some FAB BOLIVIA are out of service and used as fire trainner.


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