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Boeing 737 MAX Groundings – Where are all the 737 MAX Aircraft Located?

by Matt Falcus

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The Boeing 737 MAX aircraft has been grounded worldwide following the two high-profile crashes in recent months which are allegedly linked to the aircraft’s automated systems.

As a result, the 49 airlines currently operating the 737 MAX have grounded their fleets.

We have put together this list of where the 737 MAX aircraft are located for the groundings.

The information is subject to change, with a number of airlines obtaining special permits to move the aircraft around for maintenance or to return to bases.

If you want to download the list, click here.


Update: 02 April 2019


9 Air
B-206J Guangzhou

Aerolineas Argentinas
LV-GVD Buenos Aires Aeroparque
LV-GVE Buenos Aires Aeroparque
LV-HKU Ushuaia
LV-HKV Buenos Aires Aeroparque
LV-HKW Buenos Aires Aeroparque

XA-MAG Mexico City
XA-MAK Mexico City
XA-MAL Mexico City
XA-MAO Mexico City
XA-MAQ Mexico City
XA-MAT Mexico City

Air Canada
C-FSCY Windsor
C-FSDB Calgary
C-FSDQ Windsor
C-FSDW Calgary
C-FSEQ Halifax
C-FSES Winnipeg
C-FSIL Winnipeg
C-FSIP Halifax
C-FSIQ Winnipeg
C-FSJH Winnipeg
C-FSJJ Trois-Rivieres
C-FSKZ Trois-Rivieres
C-FSLU Winnipeg
C-FSNQ Windsor
C-FSNU Windsor
C-FSOC Vancouver
C-FSOI Trois-Rivieres
C-FTJV Windsor
C-GEHI Trois-Rivieres
C-GEHQ Windsor
C-GEHV Trois-Rivieres
C-GEHY Vancouver
C-GEIV Windsor
C-GEJL Windsor

Air China
B-1178 Chongqing
B-1179 Chongqing
B-1180 Chongqing
B-1220 Chongqing
B-1221 Chongqing
B-1223 Beijing Capital
B-1225 Beijing Capital
B-1392 Beijing Capital
B-1393 Beijing Capital
B-1395 Beijing Capital
B-1396 Beijing Capital
B-1397 Beijing Capital
B-1398 Beijing Capital
B-1399 Beijing Capital
B-209K Beijing Capital

Air Italy
EI-GFY Cairo
EI-GGK Milan Malpensa
EI-GGL Milan Malpensa

American Airlines
N302SA Las Vegas McCarran
N303RE Tulsa
N303RG Mobile
N304RB Phoenix Sky Harbor
N306RC New York JFK
N308RD Melbourne, FL
N310RF Melbourne, FL
N313SB Phoenix Sky Harbor
N314RH Tulsa
N315RJ Tulsa
N316RK Melbourne, FL
N321RL Boston Logan
N323RM Mobile
N324RA Boston Logan
N324RN Tulsa
N326RP Tulsa
N328RR Tulsa
N335RT Tulsa
N336RU Philadelphia
N338RS Philadelphia
N341RW St Louis
N342RX Tulsa
N343RY Miami
N350RV Tulsa

Cayman Airways
VP-CIX George Town
VP-CIW George Town

China Eastern
B-1380 Kunming
B-1383 Kunming
B-1385 Kunming
B-205L Guangzhou

China Southern
B-1121 Urumqi
B-1122 Guangzhou
B-1126 Guangzhou
B-1127 Guangzhou
B-1165 Urumqi
B-1166 Urumqi
B-1170 Urumqi
B-1175 Guangzhou
B-1176 Guangzhou
B-1200 Guangzhou
B-1201 Urumqi
B-1202 Urumqi
B-1203 Urumqi
B-1205 Urumqi
B-1206 Guangzhou
B-1207 Guangzhou
B-1238 Guangzhou
B-1295 Urumqi
B-205J Urumqi
B-205K Guangzhou
B-205M Lanzhou
B-205N Urumqi
B-205P Urumqi

ZS-ZCA Johannesburg O R Tambo

Copa Airlines
HP-9901CMP Panama City
HP-9902CMP Panama City
HP-9903CMP Panama City
HP-9904CMP Panama City
HP-9905CMP Panama City
HP-9906CMP Panama City

Corendon Airlines
TC-MKS Antalya

Eastar Jet
HL8340 Seoul Incheon
HL8341 Seoul Incheon

Enter Air
SP-EXA Katowice
SP-EXB Warsaw

Ethiopian Airlines
ET-AVI Addis Ababa
ET-AVK Addis Ababa
ET-AVL Addis Ababa
ET-AVM Addis Ababa

Fiji Airways

A6-FMA Dubai International
A6-FMB Dubai International
A6-FMC Dubai International
A6-FMD Dubai International
A6-FME Dubai International
A6-FMF Dubai International
A6-FMG Dubai International
A6-FMH Dubai International
A6-FMI Dubai International
A6-FMJ Dubai International
A6-MAX Dubai International

Fuzhou Airlines
B-207C Hohhot
B-207M Fuzhou

Garuda Indonesia
PK-GDA Jakarta Soekarno Hatta

GOL Linhas Aereas
PR-XMA Belo Horizonte
PR-XMB Belo Horizonte
PR-XMC Belo Horizonte
PR-XMD Belo Horizonte
PR-XME Belo Horizonte
PR-XMF Belo Horizonte
PR-XMG Belo Horizonte

Hainan Airlines
B-1100 Haikou
B-1142 Shenzhen
B-1387 Shenzhen
B-1388 Guangzhou
B-1389 Haikou
B-1390 Guangzhou
B-206Q Haikou
B-207H Taiyuan
B-207K Haikou
B-207S Haikou
B-207T Guangzhou

TF-ICE Keflavik
TF-ICN Keflavik
TF-ICO Keflavik
TF-ICU Keflavik
TF-ICY Keflavik

Jet Airways
VT-JXA Hyderabad
VT-JXB Hyderabad
VT-JXC Mumbai
VT-JXD Kolkata
VT-JXE Cochin

Kunming Airlines
B-206Y Kunming
B-206Z Kunming

Lion Air
PK-LQF Denpasar Bali
PK-LQG Jakarta Soekarno Hatta
PK-LQH Manado
PK-LQI Jakarta Soekarno Hatta
PK-LQJ Jakarta Soekarno Hatta
PK-LQK Makassar
PK-LQL Jakarta Soekarno Hatta
PK-LQM Jakarta Soekarno Hatta
PK-LQO Denpasar Bali
PK-LQQ Jakarta Soekarno Hatta

LOT Polish Airlines
SP-LVA Tel Aviv
SP-LVB Warsaw
SP-LVC Warsaw
SP-LVD Warsaw
SP-LVF Warsaw



Lucky Air
B-1143 Kunming
B-206N Kunming
B-207P Chengdu

Mauretania Airways
5T-CLJ Nouakchott

MIAT Mongolian Airlines
EI-MNG Ulan Bator

EI-FYA Las Palmas
EI-FYB Helsinki
EI-FYC Dublin
EI-FYE Edinburgh
EI-FYF Paphos
EI-FYG Helsinki
EI-FYH Dublin
EI-FYI Tenerife South
LN-BKA Stockholm Arlanda
LN-BKB Stockholm Arlanda
LN-BKD Copenhagen
LN-BKE Copenhagen
SE-RTA Las Palmas
SE-RTB Malaga
SE-RTC Las Palmas

Okay Airways
B-1157 Tianjin
B-1485 Tianjin

Oman Air
A4O-MA Muscat
A4O-MB Muscat
A4O-MC Muscat
A4O-MD Muscat
A4O-ME Muscat

Royal Air Maroc
CN-MAX Casablanca
CN-MAY Casablanca

S7 Airlines
VQ-BGV Novosibirsk
VQ-BGW Novosibirsk

SCAT Airlines
UP-B3720 Almaty

Shandong Airlines
B-1120 Qingdao
B-1271 Qingdao
B-1275 Jinan
B-205C Hotan
B-207F Jinan
B-208G Jinan
B-208N Qingdao

Shenzhen Airlines
B-1146 Shenzhen
B-1160 Shenzhen
B-206M Shenzhen
B-207D Shenzhen
B-207E Shenzhen

9V-MBA Singapore Changi
9V-MBB Singapore Changi
9V-MBC Singapore Changi
9V-MBD Singapore Changi
9V-MBE Singapore Changi
9V-MBF Singapore Changi

OK-SWA Prague
OK-SWB Prague
OK-SWC Prague
OK-SWD Prague
OK-SWE Prague
OK-SWF Prague
OK-SWM Prague

Southwest Airlines
N8701Q Victorville
N8702L Victorville
N8703J Victorville
N8704Q Chicago Midway
N8705Q Victorville
N8706W Victorville
N8707P Victorville
N8708Q Orlando International
N8709Q Victorville
N8710M Victorville
N8711Q Victorville
N8712L Victorville
N8713M Victorville
N8714Q Victorville
N8715Q Victorville
N8716B Victorville
N8717M Victorville
N8718Q Victorville
N8719Q Victorville
N8720L Victorville
N8721J Victorville
N8722L Victorville
N8723Q Victorville
N8724J Victorville
N8725L Victorville
N8726H Victorville
N8727M Victorville
N8728Q Victorville
N8729H Victorville
N8730Q Victorville
N8731J Victorville
N8732S Victorville
N8733M Victorville
N8734Q Victorville
N8735L Victorville

VT-MAX Delhi
VT-MXA Kolkata
VT-MXB Delhi
VT-MXC Chennai
VT-MXD Delhi
VT-MXE Bengaluru
VT-MXF Mumbai
VT-MXG Ahmedabad
VT-MXH Delhi
VT-MXI Hyderabad
VT-MXJ Ahmedabad
VT-MXK Delhi
VT-MXX Chennai

Sunwing Airlines
C-FAXD Windsor
C-FMXA Windsor
C-FYXC Windsor
C-GMXB Windsor

Thai Lion Air
HS-LSH Bangkok Don Mueang
HS-LSI Kuala Lumpur Subang
HS-LSK Bangkok Don Mueang

G-TUMA Manchester
G-TUMB Manchester
G-TUMC Manchester
G-TUMD Manchester
G-TUMF Tenerife South
G-TUMG Manchester
OO-MAX Brussels International
OO-TMA Brussels International
OO-TMB Brussels International
OO-TMY Brussels International
PH-TFN Amsterdam
PH-TFO Sofia
PH-TFP Amsterdam
SE-RNA Stockholm Arlanda
SE-RNB Stockholm Arlanda

Turkish Airlines
TC-LCA Istanbul
TF-LCB Istanbul
TF-LCC Istanbul
TF-LCD Istanbul
TF-LCE Istanbul Ataturk
TC-LCF Istanbul
TC-LCG Istanbul
TC-LCJ Istanbul
TC-LCK Istanbul Ataturk
TC-LCL Istanbul Sabiha Gokcen
TC-LCM Istanbul
TC-LYA Istanbul

United Airlines
N27503 Los Angeles International
N27509 Los Angeles International
N27511 Houston Hobby
N37502 Houston Hobby
N37504 Los Angeles International
N37506 Houston Hobby
N37507 Houston Hobby
N37508 Houston Hobby
N37510 Houston George Bush
N37513 Houston Hobby
N37514 Houston Hobby
N47505 Houston George Bush
N47512 Houston George Bush
N67501 Houston Hobby

C-FCTK Calgary
C-FHCM Toronto
C-FNAX Kelowna
C-FNWD Kelowna
C-FRAX Vancouver
C-FRYV Kelowna
C-GAMQ Calgary
C-GCAM Kelowna
C-GEHF Calgary
C-GRAX Kelowna
C-GXAX Kelowna
C-GZSG Hamilton

B-1116 Fuzhou
B-1117 Fuzhou
B-1118 Fuzhou
B-1136 Xiamen
B-1137 Xiamen
B-1139 Xiamen
B-1288 Xiamen
B-1289 Fuzhou
B-1290 Xiamen
B-208L Xiamen


Boeing presumably continues to build and stockpile airframes at its Boeing Field and Renton facilities in Seattle.




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Geoff Cook April 7, 2019 - 2:56 pm

Matt, I stopped in Windsor ON yesterday afternoon (April 6th), only 5 of the 8 Air Canada Max8s were visible FSNW/FSNU/FTJV/GEHQ/GEIV. The other 3 could be in the large hangar on the field, but it was locked up and I couldnt find anyone to see if I could get a peek! The 4 Sunwing aircraft are in Windsor, XA/XB/XC/XD, do you know where XE went?!

William Wroe April 7, 2019 - 8:56 pm

Do you know where C-GDDR (7360) – WestJet is grounded?

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