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Boeing Introduces New Family Livery

by Matt Falcus

Boeing has revealed a new livery for its family of aircraft, further refining the image of their commercial airplanes with a unified look.

As you’ll see from the pictures, the overall look is very similar, but there are a few details which have been attended to.

Boeing explains: “A host of refinements drive a visual consistency in the livery that mirrors the commonality across our airplane families. For example, the family name now takes precedence, replacing the minor model designator on the nose and aft fuselage. A larger Boeing logo, a shared color palette rooted in blue and fine details such as sweeping lines, finishes and wingtip markings (as applicable) complete the new look.”


This comes only a couple of days after Boeing announced a strategic partnership with Embraer to take a significant stake in their commercial airliner products. Read more here.



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