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Book Review – LOT Polish Airlines

by Matt Falcus

One of the growing number of new books on all aspects of transportation and military equipment released by Key Publishing recently is a book on LOT Polish Airlines by Jozef Mols.

Entitled LOT Polish Airlines: Wings of Central Europe, it is one of the only books available on the history of this airline.


The Book

This 96 page, full colour title is split into 18 chapters, including appendices, and covers the full history of the airline from its founding in 1929, to the present day.

It includes some history on Poland, and goes on to cover what happened to the airline during the war years, its post-war reorganisation, and then its steady advancement through the jet age, the post-Soviet eta, privatisation and more.

LOT, as I’m sure you’re aware, has a long history dating to the between-war years. For many years the country – and thus the airline – were under the strong influence of the Soviet Union, being behind the so-called Iron Curtain.

As a result, the airline operated a wide range of Soviet aircraft types, both in its early years and the jet age.

However, following the collapse of the Soviet Union in the early 1990s, LOT began a process of modernisation and set its eyes upon the West. As a result, it gained a fleet of modern Boeing, de Havilland Canada and Embraer types, which continues today.

This book is heavily illustrated with over 150 photographs, including many of the early and Soviet years of the airline which are fascinating to see.

In the final sections the author has included a summary of accidents involving the airline, and a summary of aircraft types in its fleet, with dates.

Although concise, this is a well-written book which offers a fantastic visual insight into this Eastern European airline and makes a great addition to any aviation enthusiast’s bookshelf!

Available now from Pen & Sword, price £15.99 / US$24.95





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