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Boston Spotting Hotel – Hilton Boston Logan Airport

by Matt Falcus
Boston spotting hotel

Boston spotting hotel

I recently visited Boston and checked out the Hilton Boston Logan hotel for its spotting opportunities.

Based on previous research, this seemed like the best Boston spotting hotel, so I was looking forward to what it offered.

The hotel is situated behind the terminal complex and multi-storey parking garages. It is linked via the public walkway from terminals A and E, making it easy to walk directly from your flight to the hotel lobby.

It has nine floors and two wings in a L shape.

Rooms on the higher floors are naturally the best options, with the top floor being the Executive Level. My room was on the eighth floor and I had the choice of facing either the Terminal A cul-de-sac, or Terminal E and the biz jet area. I chose the latter in the hope of seeing more movements on the distant runways.

In reality, over the three days of my stay the runway usage switched regularly, and with Boston’s criss-cross of four main runways this means you’ll be looking in different directions all the time. It also means that you’ll be able to see most movements from either side of the hotel. Aircraft arriving and departing are a little distant unless you have a good pole or binoculars. For those who are happy with SBS or Flightradar24 you’ll be able to tie everything up easily (albeit with a 5 minute delay on many flights using FR24).

View from my room of Terminal E and the biz jet ramp.

View from my room of Terminal E and the biz jet ramp.

From my room I had a great view of the ever changing range of biz jets. There were usually 5-10 parked up at any time. I could also see aircraft using the international Terminal E, and aircraft being towed to/from the maintenance hangars and remote parking stands used by day-stopping airliners.

View of the Terminal A cul-de-sac.

View of the Terminal A cul-de-sac.

If you don’t choose a room facing the cul-de-sac, don’t worry – the windows next to the elevators have the same view, with seats and an amazing view of the Boston skyline. You can easily read off the Delta and Southwest airliners parked here.


The Hilton Boston Logan is probably the best Boston spotting hotel you’ll find, although I’d be happy to hear reviews from any of the others. In addition to the walkways from the terminal, the hotel offers a courtesy shuttle to all terminals, the T subway station, and rental car lot.

Too book a room at the Hilton Boston Logan head to this page.



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