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Budapest Airport Museum

by Matt Falcus

Budapest Airport has an excellent little museum outside Terminal 2. It houses a collection of former Malev and Soviet airliners.

It costs 800 HUF for admission to the museum.

Inmates include:
HA-MOA Ilyushin IL-18, Malev
HA-MOG Ilyushin IL-18, Malev
HA-LCG Tupolev TU-154, Malev
HA-LBE Tupolev TU-134, Malev
HA-LIQ Lisunov LI-2T, Malev
04-RED Ilyushin IL-14, Soviet Air Force
HA-MHI Antononv AN-2M

All aircraft can be seen and logged from the approach road to Terminal 2 without actually entering the museum.

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