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Chateauroux Spotting, France

by Matt Falcus

Chateuroux is a small airport in France, an hour or so south of Paris. It has very little flight activity, with just a regional link to the capital of note.

However, the airport has become synonymous with airliner storage and nearly always has a few widebodies put out to pasture, ready for scrapping or eventual return to service.

The reason I mention Chateauroux now is that I just saw a log of what is currently stored there and was quite surprised! The log includes:

VP-BIB 747-200F Air Bridge Cargo
I-OCEU 747-200F Ocean Airlines
EC-JFR 747-200 Air Pullmantur
SX-FIN 747-200 Sky Express
F-GTOM 747SP Corsair
F-BTDE DC-10-30 AOM/Cubana
A nice bunch if you need them! Most aircraft can be seen quite easily by driving around the airfield and terminal area. Some photographs are possible.


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John July 11, 2011 - 7:10 am

I would be interested if anyone can tell me what aircraft were present at approx 1000 (local) 3 July 2011 and approx 1300 local on 9 July 2011.




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