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Citadines Sydney Airport launches spotting package

by Matt Falcus

One of the best hotels for plane spotting at Sydney Airport in Australia is the Citadines Connect.

It is located near Terminal 2 at the airport. We reviewed the hotel a few years ago here.

Now, with restrictions on travel to Australia lifting, the hotel is introducing a new package aimed at the aviation community and giving them the best opportunities to enjoy some plane spotting at this popular airport.

The new package, named PLANE Sight, is available to book now and includes:

• Accommodation in a Premium Economy or Business Class rooms
• Grab & Go voucher up the value of $20.00AUD
• Late check out of 12pm
• In PLANE Sight plane spotters’ package
• Unlimited time to spend at the PENTHOUSE Level with unobscured views of the skyline and runway of Sydney Airport
• Earn Ascott Star Rewards points for every SGD $1 equivalent you spend you will receive points towards your membership

You can book the PLANE Sight aviation package at the Citadines Connect hotel here: https://www.discoverasr.com/en/offers/in-plane-sight-at-citadines-connect-sydney

It is open to book until 30 September 2022.


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