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Dutch Police Message to Amsterdam Spotters

by Matt Falcus

The following message has been sent from Dutch Police to spotters at Amsterdam Schiphol airport:

Since 1-7-2008 there is 24/7 a new unit operational responsible for the security in the perimeters of Amsterdam Schiphol Airport.

This unit is equipped with Mercedes Jeeps and Volkswagen Touaregs in the well known Dutch Police colours.

Today on the Sramble forum the chief of this Unit, Mr. Warmerdam introduced himself and his unit to the Amsterdam spotters community an to explain what they are doing and why so.

This new unit is working closely together with local Military Police and the Airport Authorities, and the unit plays an important role in the security of the airport.

All members of this police –unit are appointed by Ministry of Justice and Inland Affairs.

The new unit stressed not to be there to make our spotters life miserable but they are there to guard and protect. They acknowledge the fact that spotters can be their extra pair of eyes around the perimeter. This is one of the reasons why these police officers are actively seeking contact with spotters in action and talk to each other.

However is must be clear that they will act immediately in certain circumstances:

  1. Do not park and do not stop sings must be obeyed at all time from now. So it is clear parking along the famous “Taxibaan” is not allowed anymore. Parking now is only allowed in the designated area’s for this.
  2. Pedestrians, cyclists etc will not be moved from public roads by them under the now active threat-level ( so not a guarantee under a scale up)
  3. The perimeter and area around the airport is a so called safety-risk area designated so by government. Therefore this unit has lots of permissions to take actions. Be aware of the fact that one person must always carry an ID with him like drivers licence, passport etc.
  4. Parking in front of crash gates will not be tolerated.

Furthermore the police notices that lots of spotters are more or less known to each other. So we could have the early and very first signs if “strange birds” are among us. In case of high priority he recommends 112 for alarming whilst in the meantime a special telephone number will be created for this purpose by the Airport Authorities.

I think this is a very positive move. You now know the rules, and know to co-operate with the police as they do not wish to move you on unless necessary.

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