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Changes at East Midlands – bye bye baby, hello Flybe

by Matt Falcus

bmibaby may disappear in 2012The scene at East Midlands Airport is set to change again, with one airline pulling out and another setting up a hub.

Following the sale of bmi to IAG recently, the future of bmibaby has been hanging in the air. But yesterday they finally made their position clear with announcements of routes being cancelled from June and September across their network. Unless the airline is sold soon, I’d say they will be gone by the Winter timetable.

The current plan is to pull out of routes from East Midlands to Amsterdam, Edinburgh, Geneva, Glasgow, Newquay, Nice and Paris from 11 June.

Then, from 10 September, all remaining routes (mainly Mediterranean destinations) will be pulled.

But on the flip side, Flybe has announced that it will be stepping in to set up a hub at East Midlands from the Winter 2012/13 season (starts end of October), and introducing flights to Amsterdam, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Jersey and Paris CDG (in addition to Belfast, which is already operated).

So a bittersweet change of scenery for the airport, with the sad loss of a based airline but welcome replacement on some routes by another.

Other airports on bmibaby’s route network will also lose flights, including Belfast City and Birmingham.

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