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FlyGrip smartphone solution available now – Review

by Matt Falcus

I had the pleasure of reviewing a new product this week which is now on sale at all InMotion Entertainment stores in airports across the USA.

The device looks like a small clip, and attaches to the back of the phone. It can then be used to attach the phone to your hand without you having to grip it, and giving you the chance to easily type a text, e-mail, or bring up your boarding pass whilst dragging your luggage through the airport.

FlyGrip is a new solution for those with smartphones, such as the Apple iPhone, to help with using it on the move and whilst travelling.


Additionally, the FlyGrip can be used to prop up your phone allowing you to watch videos, read e-mails, or play games whilst it rests on your seatback tray, for example.

Naturally, in addition to smartphones, the FlyGrip can be used on MP3 players and small tablets. The example I tried wouldn’t be of much use with larger tablets, such as the iPad, however there are three sizes available so the larger ones may be more suitable.

The FlyGrip comes in a variety of colours, from subtle to the loud, and comes with full instructions and protective wipes and pads for the device.

FlyGrip Product Range

It is priced from $29.95. You can find out more and order here: http://www.flygrip.com/


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mayur October 28, 2013 - 9:11 am

I like your prodouct. Where can I get this in india ?


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