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Catching the last DC-9-20

by Matt Falcus

DC-9-20 Skydive Perris. Photo Craig O'BrienThe Douglas DC-9-20 was one of the rarer variants of the type, and only ten were ever built.

It was developed for Scandinavian Airlines System (SAS) and their requirements for short-field takeoffs in remote airports around Norway and Sweden.

The DC-9-20 featured the fuselage of a DC-9-10, but the improved engines and wings of a DC-9-30.

Following service with SAS, some of the examples flew with airlines such as Aeropostal, Spirit Airlines, and Valujet Airlines. However, today only one example is still flying – and believe it or not, you could have a chance of flying on it!

SAS DC-9-20N127NK currently flies as a platform for skydiving with Skydive Perris. It is based at Perris Valley Airport in California. Skydivers make use of the DC-9’s rear stairs, allowing them a clear drop from the aircraft. You can find out more about Skydive Perris here: www.skydiveperris.com

The remaining DC-9-20’s are:
N952VV – Fuselage remains at Davis-Monthan AFB, AZ
YV-11C – Stored at Caracas, Venezuela
YV-12C – Stored at Caracas, Venezuela
N129NK – Active, Skydive Perris, Perris Valley, CA

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