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Frankfurt Terminal 2 Spotting Update

by Matt Falcus

The only viewing terrace at Frankfurt Airport’s terminals is the one on top of Terminal 2.

It re-opened last year after renovations, offering views of the eastern end of the airport, and of course aircraft parked at and taxiing past this terminal.

Since then the airport has erected a steel fence along the front of the viewing area, which has restricted the views and photographic opportunities slightly.

However, because of this there is now no security screening process in order to access the Terminal 2 viewing terrace, and the entrance fee has been reduced slightly.

Vladimir Bakulin sent the picture shown here to demonstrate how the new fence looks, and how the views are affected.


Click here for more details on opening times and prices for Frankfurt Airport Terminal 2 Visitors Terrace



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Dory April 4, 2017 - 4:39 pm

I was just there about two weeks ago. The €3 ticket is good for the entire day if you want to take breaks and come back. There are a few sufficient size ‘camera holes’ along the fence, but not nearly enough of them … I’d say there’s a hole only about every 5th or 6th ‘panel’. (Whereas somewhere like Narita has one at every other panel.) In the photo posted above, there are maybe 3 camera holes in that length of fence.

As an aside, the various airside tours they offer at FRA are great. Several different types of tours, and quite frequent throughout the day. (Some are only for groups and obviously reserved in advance, but many for individuals as well.) They leave from Terminal 1 (not terribly far from the train to Terminal 2), and the tour office also has a small gift shop with a few FRA branded souvenirs. The tours are only given in German, but they do have an English brochure to read through. Tour guests go through a full security screening, then board a bus which goes airside for 45 to 90 minutes depending on the tour. Photography is only through the windows of the bus, but you do get the odd good photo without window glare. But it’s just cool to have the drive around airside, photos or not!

Matt Falcus April 5, 2017 - 9:50 am

Thanks for commenting Dory, that’s very useful to know!


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