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Gatwick G20 Summit Warning

by Matt Falcus

The local police have issued a warning to spotters at Gatwick airport around the time of the G20 summit in London next week. It reads:

“Over the coming week a Policing operation will commence in conjunction with BAA Airport Security at Gatwick. At times there may be restricted access to certain areas around the airport. We would ask for your full cooperation whilst these enhanced security measures are in place and to be vigilant at all times.

If you do see anything suspicious then please dial 999 immediately stating your exact location along with as much detail as possible as to what you have heard / seen. If you consider the matter a NON emergency then please call 0845 6070999.
There will be a number of non Gatwick Police Officers patrolling. If requested to move on from a particular location by either the Police or BAA Airport Security then please comply with the request.

For those of you who hold the Gatwick Aviation Enthusiast Photo ID Cards, please remember to bring them with you and have them on display whilst at the airport. It not only makes things easier for you but also shows your commitment in helping to keep Gatwick a safe environment for all who will be visiting the airport during this enhanced security period.


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