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JetSuiteX Launches Scheduled West Coast Flights

by Matt Falcus


JetSuite has been a well known operator of private jets for a number of years. However, the operator is now stepping out to provide scheduled services aimed at business travellers for the first time.

With a fleet of Phenom and Citationjet biz jet aircraft, JetSuite has become the fourth largest charter operator of its type in the country and has garnered a reputation for its service.

Now, with new Embraer 135 aircraft joining the fleet, JetSuiteX is launching as a scheduled service flying between San Francisco and Los Angeles.

Operating out of Concord and Burbank airports , the service is still tailored at the business flyers who would be attracted to its charter flights, who want the personal experience and comfort of a private jet with the convenience and regularity of airline service. The airline brands this as “everyone’s private jet”.


Using these smaller airports, which each has a passenger terminal more suited to executive flyers, the airline hopes to attract passengers by avoiding the congestion and hustle of larger airports, whilst also delivering passengers closer to the business districts at their destination.

JetSuiteX is also operating a seasonal route from San Jose to Bozeman, and a weekend route from Concorde to Las Vegas McCarran, suiting executive passengers looking for winter skiing and weekend relaxation respectively.

Asked why the airports of Concorde and Burbank were chosen, Gareth Edmonson-Jones said: “The goal of JetSuiteX is to make travel quicker and more convenient for travelers between major markets. Concord is very close to Walnut Creek where lots of business travelers live (think Silicon Valley bedroom community).  Back in the 90s, PSA served Concord to LA 5 times daily. All JetSuiteX flights will operate only from private jet facilities making the journey faster and more pleasant.”


And of the choice of Embraer 135, Gareth commented “We reconfigured the aircraft to 30 seats (down from 37) and we chose the aircraft because its the right size for the market.”

He added: “We took out all the plastic (overhead bins, etc) making it a much more spacious cabin, [with] leather sidewalls, sound proofing etc.  They’re now very different planes than they were from a passenger cabin comfort standpoint.”

Flights, which stared on 19th April, have ticket prices starting as low as $109 one-way, which is very affordable for the levels of service and comfort on offer.

The airline has confirmed it is looking at adding more routes in the future. Visit their website here: https://x.jetsuite.com/

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