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Justplanes.com Launches New 4 Hour Istanbul Video

by Matt Falcus
Istanbul Airport video

Istanbul Airport video

The latest airport action video from Justplanes.com has been launched, and it features an airport that will soon be consigned to the history book.

Istanbul Ataturk is a spotter favourite, and a very busy airport, but it’s to be replaced by the Istanbul New Airport which will open in October this year.

Therefore this video will make a poignant keepsake for enthusiasts who have fond memories of Ataturk, or from spotting at the shopping mall or in the Radisson Blu hotel. And pretty soon the footage will be regarded as classic!

As with all Justplanes.com videos, this one does not disappoint.

Shot from various viewpoints on and around the airport, it delivers FOUR HOURS of footage of all the airlines and airliners you’d expect to see at this meeting point between East and West.

As well as the large fleet of Turkish Airlines, you’ll see airlines from across Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Asia and North America. Not to mention the many cargo airlines also covered.

Here are some stills and from the video:

At only $20 for HD footage of such quality, it is a bargain.

Buy your copy here: http://www.justplanes.com/istanbul.html





Win a Copy

The competition to win a copy of the Istanbul Airport video is now closed, so you’ll have to buy a copy!

Congratulations to the winner, Reynier Olivera Contreras






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