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Llanbedr to become airliner scrapping facility

by Matt Falcus

Llanbedr AirportThe remote Llanbedr Airport in Wales is to become an airliner scrapping facility in a bid to create jobs and revitalise the area.

The former RAF base was run by a series of civilian companies until it closed in 2004. Since then it has been mothballed, awaiting another use.

However, now Llanbedr has been included in the Snowdonia Enterprise Zone, which will see the area’s growth in business and job creation encouraged through simpler planning rules and better infrastructure.

The plan is to open an operation that will dismantle and scrap large airliners – up to Boeing 747 size – in the hangars that still exist on the airport. It will create up to 60 jobs.

There had been concerns that such activity would harm the natural beauty of the area, but these have been resolved by the promise of carrying out work inside the hangars.


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