London Gatwick Timetable S2016


Details of all flights to and from London Gatwick Airport in Summer 2016, including charters and seasonal operators.

Aer Lingus 5x Daily Dublin 320
1x Daily Knock 320
Aurigny 5-6x Daily Guernsey AT7, E90
British Airways HUB 66x Destinations 32S, 772
easyJet HUB 69x Destinations 32S
Flybe 2-3x Daily Newquay DH4, E95
Monarch Airlines HUB 32x Destinations 32S
Norwegian Air Shuttle HUB 48x Destinations 73H, 787
Ryanair 13x Daily 7x Destinations 73H
Thomas Cook Airlines HUB 14x Destinations 32S, 753
Thomson Airways HUB 82x Destinations 738, 752, 788
Virgin Atlantic HUB 11x Destinations 333, 744
Vueling 15x Daily 7x Destinations 32S
Adria Airways
Ljubljana a14:40 JP450 319 xxWxxxx To 14/09/16
d15:40 JP451 319 xxWxxxx To 14/09/16
a16:05 JP450 319 xxxxxSx To 17/09/16
d18:05 JP451 319 xxxxxSx To 17/09/16
Minsk National a13:20 B2851 733, 735, E95 MxWxFxS
d14:10 B2852 733, 735, E95 MxWxFxS
Riga a08:45 BT651 733 xxWTxSx
d09:30 BT652 733 xxWTxSx
a09:25 BT651 733 MTxxFxx
d10:10 BT652 733 MTxxFxx
a16:20 BT653 733 xTxxxxx
d17:05 BT654 733 xTxxxxx
a16:45 BT653 733 MxWTFxS
d17:30 BT654 733 MxWTFxS
Air Arabia Maroc
Tangier a10:50 3O101 320 xxxxxSx
d12:00 3O102 320 xxxxxSx
a12:55 3O101 320 xTxxxxx
d13:55 3O102 320 xTxxxxx
Air Canada Rouge
Toronto a06:25 AC1924 763 xxWxxxx
d10:55 AC1925 763 xxWxxxx
a09:40 AC1924 763 xxxxFxx
d11:10 AC1925 763 xxxxFxx
a09:45 AC1924 763 xxxTxxS
d11:20 AC1925 763 xxxTxxS
a10:25 AC1924 763 xxxxxSx
d12:00 AC1925 763 xxxxxSx
Air Europa
Madrid Barajas a09:10 UX1013 332, 738 MTWTFSS
d10:10 UX1014 332, 738 MTWTFSS
a16:20 UX1015 332, 738 MTWTFSS
d17:15 UX1016 332 738 MTWTFSS
Air Malta
Malta a10:55 KM116 32S MTWTFSS
d11:55 KM117 32S MTWTFSS
Air Transat
Calgary a08:45 TS804
d09:40 TS805 332 xxxxFxx
a07:50 TS704 332 xxxxFxx
d10:30 TS705 332 xxxxxSx
a10:35 TS540 332 xxxxxSx
d12:25 TS541 332, 333 xxxTxxx
Montreal a09:10 TS738 332, 333 xxxTxxx
d11:20 TS739 313 xxxTxxx
a09:50 TS748 313 xxxTxxx
d11:30 TS749 313 xxxxxxS
Toronto a07:55 TS538 313 xxxxxxS
d10:30 TS539 332, 333 xxxxxxS
a10:05 TS522 332, 333 xxxxxxS
d12:00 TS523 332, 333 MxWTFSx
a10:05 TS622 332, 333 MxWTFSx
d12:10 TS623 333 xxxxxxS
Vancouver a06:55 TS576 333 xxxxxxS
d09:10 TS577 332 xxxxxSx
a08:25 TS494 332 xxxxxSx
d10:00 TS495 332 xxxxFxx
a08:50 TS676 332 xxxxFxx
d10:10 TS677 332, 333 xxxxxxS
a06:55 TS794 332, 333 xxxxxxS
d10:10 TS795 332 Mxxxxxx
a10:30 TS176 332 Mxxxxxx
d12:10 TS177 332 xxWxxxx
Cathay Pacific
Hong Kong a06:30 CX343 359 xxxxxxS Starts 04/09/16
d12:35 CX344 359 xxxxxxS Starts 04/09/16
a06:35 CX343 359 xxxxFxx Starts 02/09/16
d12:40 CX344 359 xxxxFxx Starts 02/09/16
a06:50 CX343 359 Mxxxxxx Starts 05/09/16
d12:55 CX343 359 Mxxxxxx Starts 05/09/16
Croatia Airlines
Split a15:35 OU494 320 MxxxFxx
d16:25 OU495 320 MxxxFxx
Dubai a07:20 EK11 388 MTWTFSS
d10:00 EK12 388 MTWTFSS
a12:35 EK15 388 MTWTFSS
d14:30 EK16 388 MTWTFSS
a19:45 EK9 388 MTWTFSS
d21:45 EK10 388 MTWTFSS
Pristina d16:10 ST6478 73G xTxxFxx
a23:30 ST6479 73G xTxxFxx
Iberia Express
Madrid a10:10 IB3714 32S MTWTFSS
d10:50 IB3715 32S MTWTFSS
a17:55 IB3718 32S xxxxxSx
d20:35 IB3713 32S xxxxxSx
a20:10 IB3718 32S MTWTFxS
d20:50 IB3717 32S MTWTFxS
Reykjavik a11:35 FI470 752 xxxxxSx
d13:05 FI471 752 xxxxxSx
a11:40 FI470 752 MTxTFxS
d13:10 FI471 752 MTxTFxS
a12:40 FI470 752 xxWxxxx
d13:25 FI471 752 xxWxxxx
Iraqi Airways / AirExplore
Baghdad (via Malmo) a21:25 IA237 738 xxxxFxx
d22:00 IA238 738 xxxxFxx
Med-View Airline
Lagos a17:10 VL209 763 MxWxFxS
d22:10 VL210 763 MxWxFxS
Naples a10:20 IG371 737 xTxxxxx
d11:00 IG372 737 xTxxxxx
a10:40 IG371 737 xxxxxxS
d11:10 IG372 737 xxxxxxS
a10:50 IG371 737 xxxxFxx
d11:20 IG372 737 xxxxFxx
a10:50 IG371 737 xxxxxSx
d11:35 IG372 737 xxxxxSx
a11:20 IG371 737 xxxTxxx
d11:50 IG372 737 xxxTxxx
a14:35 IG371 737 Mxxxxxx
d16:20 IG372 737 Mxxxxxx
Olbia a09:50 IG185 737, M80 xxxTxxx
d10:35 IG186 737, M80 xxxTxxx
a09:55 IG185 737, M80 MxxxxSx
d10:55 IG186 737, M80 MxxxxSx
a10:20 IG187 738 xTxxxxx
d11:10 IG188 738 xTxxxxx
Montenegro Airlines
Tivat a10:15 YM812 E90 xxxxFxx
d10:55 YM813 E90 xxxxFxx
a13:05 YM812 E90 xxWxxxx
d13:50 YM813 E90 xxWxxxx
a13:10 YM812 E90 xxxxxxS
d14:10 YM813 E90 xxxxxxS
Pegasus Airlines
Dalaman a20:10 PC5101 738 Mxxxxxx
d21:00 PC5102 738 Mxxxxxx
Istanbul Sabiha Gokcen a09:50 PC541 320, 738 Mxxxxxx
d11:20 PC542 320, 738 Mxxxxxx
a10:30 PC541 320, 738 xTxTxxS
d11:40 PC542 320, 738 xTxTxxS
a15:40 PC503 738 xxWxxSx
d16:20 PC504 738 xxWxxSx
Royal Air Maroc
Casablanca a15:25 AT802 737 MTWTFSS
d16:15 AT803 737 MTWTFSS
a20:40 AT806 738 xxWxxxx
d21:40 AT807 738 xxWxxxx
Rabat a18:10 AT808 738 xxxxxSx
d19:00 AT809 738 xxxxxSx
a20:05 AT808 738 xTxxxxx
d20:50 AT809 738 xTxxxxx
a20:40 AT808 738 xxxTxxx
d21:40 AT809 738 xxxTxxx
Smart Wings / Travel Service
Prague a09:00 QS1092 738 Mxxxxxx
d10:00 QS1093 738 Mxxxxxx
a13:35 QS1096 737 MTWTFSx
d14:20 QS1097 737 MTWTFSx
a20:55 QS1098 738 MTWTFSS
d22:00 QS1099 738 MTWTFSS
TAP Express
Porto a11:00 TP334 E90 MTWTFSS
d11:35 TP331 E90 MTWTFSS
a15:35 TP338 E90 MTWxFxx
d16:25 TP347 E90 MTWxFxx
a16:40 TP338 E90 xxxxxSx
d17:25 TP347 E90 xxxxxSx
TAP Portugal
Lisbon a09:35 TP348 32S MTWTFSS
d10:25 TP339 32S MTWTFSS
Tianjin Airlines
Chongqing a20:25 GS7965 332 xxWxxSx
d22:25 GS7966 332 xxWxxSx
Tunis a09:55 TU790 32S xxWxxxx
d11:00 TU791 32S xxWxxxx
a10:30 TU790 32S xxxTxxx
d11:35 TU791 32S xxxTxxx
a16:10 TU790 32S xxxxFxx
d17:05 TU791 32S xxxxFxx
Turkish Airlines
Istanbul Ataturk a09:05 TK1981 321 MTWTFSS
d10:05 TK1982 321 MTWTFSS
a11:35 TK1965 321, 738 MTWTFSS
d12:35 TK1966 321, 738 MTWTFSS
a16:00 TK1997 321 MTWTFSS
d17:00 TK1998 321 MTWTFSS
Istanbul Sabiha Gokcen a10:40 TK1963 738 MTWTFSS
d11:55 TK1964 738 MTWTFSS
Ukraine International
Kiev Borispol a11:25 PS111 738 MTWTFSS
d12:20 PS112 738 MTWTFSS
a21:35 PS113 738, E90 MTWTFSS
d23:00 PS114 738, E90 MTWTFSS
Calgary a10:00 WS1 763 xxxTxxx
d10:55 WS2 763 xxxTxxx
a10:20 WS1 763 xxWxFxx
d12:50 WS2 763 xxWxFxx
a10:50 WS1 763 xxxxxxS
d13:15 WS2 763 xxxxxxS
Edmonton a10:35 WS26 763 MxxxxSx
d12:50 WS27 763 MxxxxSx
Toronto a09:05 WS3 763 xxxxxxS
d10:55 WS4 763 xxxxxxS
a09:25 WS3 763 xxxTxxx
d13:15 WS4 763 xxxTxxx
a09:25 WS3 763 xxWxxSx
d13:25 WS4 763 xxWxxSx
a09:25 WS3 763 xxxxFxx
d14:00 WS4 763 xxxxFxx
a09:25 WS3 763 Mxxxxxx
d14:45 WS4 763 Mxxxxxx
St. John’s a08:00 WS24 73G xxxxFxS
d09:25 WS25 73G xxxxFxS
a08:25 WS24 73G xxWxxxx
d09:30 WS25 73G xxWxxxx
a08:25 WS24 73G xxxTxSx
d09:50 WS25 73G xxxTxSx
a08:25 WS24 73G Mxxxxxx
d10:25 WS25 73G Mxxxxxx
Winnipeg a10:50 WS28 763 xxxxxSx
d12:35 WS29 763 xxxxxSx
Vancouver a11:10 WS22 763 Mxxxxxx
d12:45 WS23 763 Mxxxxxx
a10:50 WS22 763 xxWxFxx
d12:55 WS23 763 xxWxFxx
a11:30 WS22 763 xxxxxxS
d12:55 WS23 763 xxxxxxS
a11:50 WS22 763 xxxTxxx
d13:00 WS23 763 xxxTxxx
Wizz Air
Bucharest a20:40 W63031 321 MTxxFSS
d21:35 W63032 321 MTxxFSS
a20:45 W63031 32S xxWxxxx
d21:55 W63032 32S xxWxxxx
a21:40 W63031 321 xxxTxxx
d22:15 W63032 321 xxxTxxx
Reykjavik a10:30 WW810 32S, 333 MTWTFxx
d12:00 WW811 32S, 333 MTWTFxx
a10:30 WW810 32S, 333 xxxxxxS
d12:10 WW811 32S, 333 xxxxxxS
a17:45 WW810 32S, 333 xxxxxSx
d18:45 WW811 32S, 333 xxxxxSx
a19:40 WW814 320 xxxTxxS
d20:40 WW815 320 xxxTxxS


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