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London Heathrow to Newcastle Trip Report and Video

by Matt Falcus

At the end of my recent trip to the USA, we make it back to the UK following a British Airways flight from Washington Dulles.

The final stage was a flight up to Newcastle (since my local airport doesn’t have a London link at the moment).

The flight was operated by Airbus A321 G-EUXD, which was running 45 minutes late due to a delay earlier in the day. Departure was also delayed a little further thanks to a drunk passenger causing trouble on the boarding bridge and then on board the aircraft. With a few passengers complaining, the captain elected to send him back to the terminal and ground crew spent ten minutes removing his baggage from the hold.

Once underway we taxied to runway 27R for departure, being allowed to cut in front of some of the waiting traffic, presumably because of the delay we had incurred.

The aircraft cabin was in great shape, with mood lighting, and the new British Airways buy-onboard food and drink service now introduced on domestic and (presumably) European flights. We were too tired and confused about the time zone by this point, so didn’t try anything.

Arrival into a rainy Newcastle on runway 07 saw some rapid braking and taxi to the terminal, ending a successful trip. Time for some sleep!

Here’s the timelapse video of our flight.


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