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Manchester building a new control tower

by Matt Falcus

Manchester Airport is to replace its ageing control tower with a new structure that will be the second-tallest in the UK when complete.

The new tower is expected to open in 2013, and will stand at 60m (197ft) tall and situated alongside the current northern fire station. The building will house the various control rooms and offices necessary, and will crucially allow views over the whole airport (currently the end of the 2nd runway is out of sight, and so cameras are used to help controllers see it).

The existing structure atop Terminal 1 is somewhat of a landmark, but is now 40 years old and needs modernising and greater height. It is not known what the future holds for it, or the office block it sits on, but hopefully a room to view movements will be considered. Needless to say, there a lot of development opportunities.

What would you like to see it used for? Have you heard any rumours about its future use?

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