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New Book Launch – Preserved Airliners of North America

by Matt Falcus
Preserved Airliners of North America

Preserved Airliners of North America

We’re excited to announce our new book for aviation enthusiasts, Preserved Airliners of North America – Including Military Transport Aircraft, will be available soon!

This new title is brought to you by the team behind Airport Spotting Blog and our many other spotting guides and aviation books.


About the Book

Preserved Airliners of North America is a useful, up-to-date guide on all of the transport aircraft currently preserved, undergoing preservation, or retained for use as instructional or training aids across North America. 

The book includes over 600 airframes, and covers Canada, Mexico and the United States of America (including Hawaii).



This easy reference guide is laid out in a clear style, and each aircraft entry includes:

  • Aircraft type
  • Markings, registration or serial
  • Notes on whether it is a complete airframe or not

Entries also include the address, owner or museum of each aircraft, and specific locations to help you find it on the ground.


What the Book Covers

As well as all known preserved airliners in museum collections, this book includes instructional airframes (such as FedEx’s retired Boeing 727s), gate guardians, private homes, and harder-to-find aircraft in unexpected places!

The scope of the book includes civil airliners, both historic and modern, plus military transport and larger training aircraft, prototypes, and passenger-carrying seaplanes.

Ideal for aviation enthusiasts and spotters visiting North America and looking for unusual aircraft to see in places other than airports. Makes planning trips easier, with a handy index and clear layout.

Where to Buy the Book

Preserved Airliners of North America is available to pre-order now from this link: https://destinworld.com/product/preserved-airliners-of-north-america/

Once released, the book will be available on Amazon and in all good aviation bookstores.

Copies should be available early-July.



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