A New Resource Listing Preserved Airliners Across Europe

preserved airliners of europe

We’ve got a new resource for you which will help anyone spotting in Europe to locate and log hundreds of retired and preserved airliner and military transport aircraft which are no longer flying.

Preserved Airliners of Europe is a compact little guide book written in an easy listing-style which details all of the known aircraft and parts of aircraft which it’s still possible to see.

These could be in museums, private collections, back yards, cafes/restaurants, hotels or used as training aircraft at airports.


About the Book

Preserved Airliners of Europe is small and pocket-sized, which is a handy reference guide to the airliners and transport aircraft on display and in private collections.

Concorde Paris CDG

Preserved on poles near the taxiway at Paris CDG.

The book includes over 1,300 airframes in 37 countries, including the western parts of Russia.

It includes details of where to find each aircraft, with street addresses, museum and airport details.

It also includes details of the aircraft’s condition, such as whether it is a full or partial frame, what markings it wears, and its true identity if wearing false serial today.



5N-TSA B737-2H4

The scope of the book includes civil airliners, both historic and modern, plus military transport and larger training aircraft, prototypes, and passenger-carrying seaplanes.



Imagine how many more aircraft could enter your logbook on your next trip, and how much time will be saved in planning? Because we are spotters too, we know the kind of information you need. That’s why we put this guide together.


Third in the Series

preserved airliners

This book follows on from our two previous books, Preserved Airliners of Asia & Australasia, and Preserved Airliners of North America.

Between them we have listed almost 3,000 airframes. Imagine what that could do to your log books, especially when you consider these are effectively ‘lost’ aircraft which you’re never going to see flying again.


A Treasure Trove of Missed Aircraft


9354-An-26B Curl YL-LCD, 77303902, Latvio

In putting the book together with my researchers, it gave me a real understanding of just how many aircraft I still need to see in various museums and lesser-known places.

In fact, there are even many preserved airliners around the UK, where I live, which I still need to see or didn’t realise where there!

Think of how many extra aircraft you could be seeing on your trips around Europe – most of these aircraft are relatively unknown, yet wait patiently to be spotted by you!


Where to Buy the Book

Preserved Airliners of Europe is available from late June 2018, and can be purchased at this link: https://airportspotting.samcart.com/products/preserved-airliners-of-europe

preserved airliners

We are also offering a bundle of all three books. Buying this will save you £5, so is worth the investment if you didn’t previously buy any books in the series!



Get an Instant Download!

If you can’t wait for delivery of the physical book, you can get your copy of Preserved Airliners of Europe instantly by buying the PDF version.

Just click this secure link and enter your details: https://airportspotting.samcart.com/products/preserved-airliners-of-europe-pdf



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  1. Rossé Denis says:

    Bonjour, j’aimerais commander votre livre Preserved ailiers in Europe, mais ma Cate VISA ne semble pas être acceptée. pouvez-vous me proposer un autre moyen de paiement?
    merci d’avance.
    Denis Rossé
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    2747 Corcelles

  2. Phil Hunt says:

    Have just received a copy of Preserved Airliners & must say how impressed I am.It has all the information to tie up all of those re regs. Thank you for your hard work

  3. Matt Falcus says:

    Thanks Phil, we’re really glad you like it!

  4. Matt Falcus says:

    Hi, do you have Paypal? You could pay with Paypal at this link: http://www.destinworld.co.uk/product/preserved-airliners-of-europe/

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