Newcastle Airport Spotting Location

Newcastle Airport in the north east of England is quite a busy little regional airport. In fact, it even has its own Emirates flight to Dubai each day, so it’s not that much of a regional airport, but more of an international gateway.

The summer months are always best for quality of movements. It’s also one of the last places to see easyJet 737’s before they leave the fleet.

The airport used to be good for viewing, but terminal expansions put a stop to that.

When I visited the other week I parked up near the end of runway 25. Follow signs for Dinnington from the terminal, and then turn right and you’ll soon reach the end of the runway on your right.

Although a tall fence stops you from being able to see what’s happening on the ground, this spot is actually pretty good for taking photos of aircraft using either direction of the runway (although better for landing shots on 25). There’s even a handy bench you can stand on to give you an advantage.

I’ve added a couple of shots from my visit below…

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17 Responses

  1. Carl Gorse says:

    Had a good day at Newcastle Airport .

    With a good sellection of Aircrafts in and out ..

    Carl Gorse

  2. Pc 8854 Steven Sheard says:

    I am a Police Officer working at Newcastle International Airport, i have been tasked with setting up a Planewatchers scheme and would appreciate contact from anyone by email who would be interested.

  3. michaelc clews says:

    i would be interested.

  4. David Skelly says:

    I definatly would be interested.

  5. Nicholas Hoenich says:

    I would be interested in this scheme, as I frequently go either to the Dinnington or Callerton ends of the runway for photography.

  6. David Blaney says:

    I would be interested too.

  7. Pc 8854 Steven Sheard says:

    If anyone is interested and has not already done so, please email me direct with your details and i will add you to my contact list for the scheme which is in it’s initial stages at the moment.

  8. corbett.weastell says:

    ‘i would like to join your team .

  9. margaret mlanaghan says:

    i would like to join your team too

  10. jordan wilsom says:

    i would love to be part of the plane spotting scheme

  11. Stephen Lyne says:

    I am looking at taking my kids away on holiday but wanna take them to watch planes take off and land as my 4 year old would be amused with the full picture were would be the best place to watch them

  12. Mark Sanderson says:

    Hi I realise it’s seven years ago but what happened to this? Great idea.

  13. Mark Sanderson says:

    Did this take off? ? forgive the pun. Never heard of this.

  14. Matt Falcus says:

    No, sadly it never happened.

  15. Sean says:

    Why dont UK aiports re open Viewing Terraces even if you have to pay £5 a time, if your not traveling and allow people to get pictures, I no most of Europe still have them Schiphol (Amsterdam) Munich, Frankfurt even New York has one, it would be nice to be able to use them

  16. Matt Falcus says:

    Totally agree Sean! Nearly every UK airport used to have a terrace.

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