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Paris Charles de Gaulle Terminal 3 Spotting Information

by Matt Falcus

I passed through Paris Charles de Gaulle airport this week, and used the relatively new Terminal 3 for the first time (yes I flew low-cost, for my sins). So I thought this would be a good opportunity to see what the terminal offers in terms of views and spotting, having passed through terminals 1 and 2 a number of times in the past.

Aircraft using this terminal largely use the square apron immediately in front of it, parking in one of two rows. Upon arrival you are shepherded into buses and into the baggage claim, which has no views at all of aircraft, so make sure you see what you can whilst taxying in and leaving the aircraft.

When leaving, I found there were no views at all of aircraft from the check-in hall. However, if you go outside the front doors and walk to the left along the walkway, and past the arrivals waiting area, you’ll come to a fence. From here you can see aircraft using the northerly runways, and the taxiway leading to the threshold. You can also get fleeting views of aircraft at terminal 1, and also aircraft departing the southerly runways.

Once in the departure lounge, I found there are some very limited views of aircraft on the terminal 3 ramp. You need to head to the northern end of the seating area to be able to see past the blast fence. You can also see some aircraft on the taxiways near terminal 1 from here.

View from departure lounge at Paris CDG Terminal 3

View from departure lounge at Paris CDG Terminal 3

One word of warning – once in the departure lounge, there is only one cafe selling food & snacks. For a small sandwich, pastry, crisps and bottle of water I paid nearly 10 euros. This is incredibly expensive, so make sure you eat beforehand!

Here in this post is a picture I took from the departure lounge of an Aegean A320 on the terminal 3 ramp. There are windows, poles and buses in the way, so photography is nearly impossible.

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Dave Sharkey July 27, 2009 - 1:01 pm

If you walk down fron T3, across the road, past the Hilton on your left,
straight on for 200 metres, turn right and head along the grass area (the staff car park is on your right now) for 200 metres and this is the ‘mound’.
Photography and viewing is excellent and unrestricted here but apply fpr a permit beforehand if you intend to photograph !


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