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Last passenger DC-8s to be retired in 2013

by Matt Falcus

DC-8-ATI (c) ToshiAokiATI – the last operator of Douglas DC-8s with passenger seats – says it will retired the type in early 2013 as it purchases Boeing 757 aircraft to replace them.

ATI (Air Transport International) are primarily a cargo carrier, however they retain four DC-8s with a section of seating in the rear for carrying passengers alongside cargo. This made them the last chance to fly on a DC-8, however you would have to be part of a special charter to do so.

But now the carrier is looking to reduce fuel costs and modernize its fleet with the purchase of three Boeing 757s (to accompany one already in the fleet) which will also be in a combi configuration, allowing both cargo and passengers to be carried. The aircraft will be sourced from National Airlines.

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